Nightmare Fractal

Table of Contents

  1. Bosses
  2. Misc
  3. Collectibles
  4. Challenge Mote

Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideNightmare Fractal
Complete all the achievements associated with the Nightmare fractal.

This will unlock upon completing the seven related achievements. Doing so will also unlock access to the challenge mote.


Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideVolatile Evader
Kill Siax the Unclean without being hit by a hallucination’s explosion.

During the boss hallucinations are summoned. Once summoned they will be tethered to each player. You need to avoid their explosive demise, this happens when they come in contact with you, or once you kill them.

The most straight forward method is to attack them while running into a clear space. If other players hallucinations explode on you, it will void the achievement.

Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideAnother Goo Puddle
Get crushed to a paste by Ensolyss.

At the very start of the fight with Ensolyss you will need to be crushed as the boss falls to the arena. You can only do this once per fight as the starting phase won’t happen again unless you reset the instance.

Stand under the egg sac and have another member of your party activate the orb in the middle. If stood in the right place, Ensolyss will drop down and crush whoever is stood underneath.

Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement Guide30-Second Seizure
Capture all 5 points during the Ensolyss fight within 30 seconds.

While fighting Ensolyss there will be two phases, one at 66% and the other at 33%. This phase will cause Ensolyss to vanish, and an orb releasing smaller damaging orbs will appear. Your party needs to capture all 5 points around the orb within 30 seconds of them spawning.

This is quite straight forward on the lower tiers, but a tougher challenge on the higher tiers. Players with general knowledge of this fight will always capture the points within this time frame.


Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideBroken Nightmare
Complete the Nightmare fractal on the Master tier.

Simply complete this fractal on the Master tier. This will unlock after the fractal is complete.

Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideMaze Middle Manager
Capture the middle point in the Nightmare maze before capturing the side points.

Shortly after defeating MAMA, you will enter an area full of capture points. After the first two are captured, head into the second area. Within this area there are three capture points, one on either side, and one big one in the middle.

Your goal here is to capture the central point without capturing the two side points. This is quite simple on the lower tiers, but tedious on the higher ones.

Ignoring the two side points means the two obelisks are active the whole time. So your party will have to avoid poison clouds at the same time as the enemies and deadly bullet hell orbs.

Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideShark Tank
Find and kill Fleshgorge the Shark in the Nightmare lake.

After completing the maze and unlocking access to the second boss. Hold at the bottom of the ramp and look to your right. You will find a body of water with a wrecked boat.

Within this body of water you will find Fleshforge, a power shark who’s out to eat anything that decides to jump into the water. This enemy isn’t overly tough, however the water inflicts damage due to its poison nature.

Lure the shark to land and do your best to kill it without losing aggro.


Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideRetrieval Squad
Fine all the corpses of the adventuring party that preceded you.

Throughout the fractal there are five bodies that you need to locate and interact with.

  1. The first is right at the start after dropping down to the enemies below. On the right side of the area.
  2. After defeating MAMA, leave the area, but look behind a wooden wall on your right hand side as you head down the ramp.
  3. After clearing the maze room, look for a hidden area under the right capture point. You can reach it from the main area by going through a large tarp.
  4. To reach this one you need to climb across the various obstacles laid out over the poison late after the maze room. The corpse is on the deck of the boat.
  5. The last corpse can be found right after Siax. Just before you cross over into the area with Ensolyss, look to your left of the teleport. The corpse is in the small alcove.

Challenge Mote

Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Fractal Achievement GuideUp to the Challenge
Accept the harbinger’s challenge and defeat Ensolyss in the Nightmare fractal.

Before you can attempt this, you first need to unlock all the achievements. This will then allow you to interact with the challenge mote at the very start of the fractal. It’s also possible for other players who have this unlocked to trigger it if you do not have access to do so.

Once the challenge mote is active, you will need to progress through the other two bosses as usual. Each boss uses the same mechanics as their original form, they do however hit harder, move faster and have extended mechanics.


The biggest difference with this boss are the Watch Knights. You will encounter these enemies at the start of the fight for the first time. One will spawn every time you reduce MAMAs health by 25%.

When the Watch Knights spawn, make sure the party directs their focus to these enemies. If they’re active for too long, they will cause complications as the fight progresses.

Try to stay close to MAMA as much as possible until the last phase where MAMA will spawn a huge puddle of poison.


The biggest notable difference with this fight is that Siax will summon enemies that channel the room. Failure to kill them will result in a group wipe as they emit a huge powerful force.

These summons will spawn at 66% and 33%. Once they spawn the first time they will be on the four points of the map compass at north, south, east and west. During their second summon they will spawn in each corner to their earlier spawns. So make sure your group rotates the room either clockwise or counter-clockwise to their next summon.

Placing markers on the map will help reduce any confusion of where people should go. If one player has less damage than the others, have the extra person join in until the party can help burst down the remaining summons.

Aside from this, Siax’s mechanics are the same. The poison he throws at the furthest player is three pools instead of one. He hits harder, and the lesser summons do more damage. You want to make sure you break Siax’s defiance bar as soon as possible.


Out of all three bosses, Ensolyss has the least changes to the mechanics. However, the mechanics are a lot faster than the base mechanics. At 66% and 33% the same capture mechanic spawns, but right after you will need to break Ensolyss’s defiance bar to stop it from performing a rather painful mechanic.

The player area is reduced by 20% with each phase. So you’re left with a rather tiny area towards the end.

You will need to work a lot harder to avoid the mechanics and dodge when appropriate. Try not to use up all your stamina unless you need to. There may be moments where an extra dodge or block comes in handy.