Crystal Desert

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Most of this section will progress as you do parts of the story and explore the various maps.

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  1. Misc
  2. Bounties
  3. Mounts

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideHero of the Desert
Complete 100 events in the Crystal Desert region.

This is a fairly simple task, take part and complete 100 events across the Crystal Desert. This will come with progression towards other achievements.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideMaster of Trades
Find and unlock 50 trade caches in the Crystal Desert region.

Throughout the region you will find chests in the desert. You will need to earn Trader’s Keys through completing events. Open 50 chests using these keys to earn the achievement.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideAlways Time for Taimi
Call Taimi 12 times and update her on your desert adventures after each step.

This achievement is quite easy, but you have to remember to communicate with Taimi between each story instance. After you complete a story step, look for the blue communication icons on the map. This might be difficult the first time you go through the story as some communication points are almost impossible to reach without mounts and a few upgrades.

The points are marked on your map with a blue icon that looks like a radio signal. When you pass them in the world they look like green god rays.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideTrack Record
Complete each race in the Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, the Desolation and the Domain of Vabbi.

Throughout all the maps you can find one race in each maps. You need to take part in and complete each race to earn this achievement.

  • Crystal Oasis Waypoint Amnoon
  • Desert Highlands Waypoint Brightwater
  • Elon Riverlands Waypoint Oilshar’s Oasis Camp
  • The Desolation Waypoint Sand Jackal Run
  • Domain of Vabbi Waypoint Vehtendi Academy

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideBurgling the Burglars
Help fight a wound-up skritt burglar

Much like the other Skritt Burglar achievements in the game. You need to find this random spawning foe and kill him to earn the achievement. There are several spawn locations. Once you find the chest, open it and kill the skritt as it tries to escape.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideCrystal Desert Explorer
Explore all the areas in the Crystal Desert.

You will earn this through map completion. The requirement is simple find all the names regions in each map. There is an achievement for each map located under the general explorer tab in the achievement panel.

Complete the following achievements to unlock this one:

  • Crystal Oasis Explorer
  • Desert Highlands Explorer
  • Elon Riverlands Explorer
  • Desolation Explorder
  • Domain of Vabbi Explorer

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideRoads Less Traveled
Find Priory Historian Elisa located somewhere in the Crystal Desert region.

Elisa moves around, so you will need to look for her. The currently known locations are listed below.

  • Head east of Waypoint Temple of Kormir and climb the rocky cliff face with the Springer.
  • North of Waypoint Augury’s Shadow in Elon Riverlands. The Skimmer and Spring will be needed to reach this ledge.

It is possible her destination changes with each daily reset.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideHeart of Gold
Complete all renown hearts for all major areas in the Crystal Desert region.

In total there are 27 hearts through all five maps. Complete each heart once to progress this achievement. You will earn this while working towards map completion.


Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideExpert Bounty Hunter
Complete champion bounties in the Crystal Desert region.

This will take some time due to how many bounties there are, but you can find bounty boards in the following locations. Complete all the champion bounties and this will unlock. The following locations also contain legendary bounties which you will need to kill for “Master Bounty Hunter.

Bounty boards are marked on the map with a unique icon near the following locations:

  • Crystal Oasis
    • Free City of Amnoon
    • Elona Reach
    • Destiny’s Gorge
  • Desert Highlands
    • Diviner’s Reach
    • Auburn Hills
    • Fortune’s Vale
  • Elon Riverlands
    • Augury’s Shadow
    • Olishar’s Camp
  • The Desolation
    • The Bonestrand
    • Lair of the Forgotten
    • The Darkalnds
  • Domain of Vabbi
    • Vehtendi Academy
    • Garden of Seborhin
    • The Necroplis
    • Vehjin Mines

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideMaster Bounty Hunter
Complete Legendary bounties in the Crystal Desert region.

See “Expert Bounty Hunter”.


Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideDune Rider
Unlock the raptor mount by completing the Seeker’s Village task.

This first mount you unlock by completing the story step “Sparking the Flame”. Complete the instance and your reward is the mount.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideFleet of Foot
Unlock the springer mount by completing the Highjump Ranch task.

To reach the Springer you first need to upgrade the Raptor mount. Doing so will allow you to leap across Point of Interest Highjump Gap. once you’re able to do this, you can then complete the heart quest at Waypoint Highjump Ranch.

Completing the heart will allow you to buy a saddle from Stablemaster unja.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideSkimming the Surface
Unlock the skimmer by completing the Skimmer Ranch task.

The Skimmer is located in Elon Riverlands to the south-west.  You can reach the Skimmer with the Raptor Canyon Jumping. Just make your way to Waypoint Skimmer Ranch and complete the heart quest. After completing the quest talk with Skimmer Trainer Addra to buy the saddle.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideDesert Dogs
Unlock the jackal mount by completing the Djinn Enclave task.

In the Desolation you will find Sand Jackal Run in the south-western corner of the map. You can head to Waypoint Sand Jackal Run, from here you need to make it up the stairs to the floating structures above. To access the bottom platform you will need access to the Skimmer mastery Ride the Wind.

Complete the heart quest for Drojkor, Spirit Squall. Once complete speak with him to buy the saddle for the Jackal.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideOpen Skies: On Wings and a Prayer
Return the Writings of the Last Spearmarshal to the pedestal in the sanctuary.

See “Open Skies: Sunspear Sanctuary”.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideOpen Skies: Sunspear Sanctuary
Gather Sunspear relics from all 5 maps and restore them to the Sunspear sanctuary.

These achievements are tied to the griffon mount collection. This is a collection that is only accessible after completing the main story for Path of Fire.

You can view our griffon mount guide here.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideGriffon Expert
Unlock the Aerial Prowess Mastery for griffons.

After unlocking the griffon fully, you will need to earn seven mastery points to unlock the Aerial Prowess mastery. There are plenty of mastery points in the open world. Some of which can only be reached with the griffon.

Guild Wars 2 Crystal Desert Achievement GuideGriffon Master
Unlock the Aerial Finesse Mastery for griffons.

On top of the previous eight mastery points needed for “Griffon Expert”, you will need to collect 5 more to unlock this last mastery for the griffon.

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