The Desolation

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A Family’s Sacrifice
Tell Tiba about her father’s death, and locate her sister.

To start this quest you first need to find a body in the Sulfur Quarry. The Awakened Corpse is found in one of the three large pipes in the north part of the area.

After collecting the note from the corpse, head to [&BFQKAAA=] Forbidden Vault and speak with the Betrothed Villager. You can mention you found a note on the body of a corpse which will lead you further into the dialog.

The last step to this quest is to head to Elon Rilverlands and speak with Basma. She is  south of [&BCgKAAA=] Oilshar’s Oasis Camp. And to the east of Palawa’s Grave near the water on a ledge. Speak with Basma about her sister to end the quest.

Guild Wars 2 The Desolation Achievement Guide

A Soaring Stench
Soar through Caustic Spur to reach the overlook cache.

This is fairly easy, but the description sounds like you need to fly through a part of the map. Head west from [&BKMKAAA=] The Darklands. You will find a large pointy rock sticking out over a large void filled with sulfur. There’s a small chest on the ledge you need to find. Land on the ledge and the achievement will unlock.

Bone Palace Pinnacle
Climb to the top of the Bone Palace.

Joko’s Bone Palace can be found at the southern most part of the map, south of [&BAsKAAA=] Joko’s Domain. To reach the highest point of the palace you will need to use either the Springer High Vault or the Griffon to climb the bones pillars.

This is fairly straight forward, you will also need to climb up here for a collectible. If the palace is closed off, an event will need to be completed to gain access.

Dance Till You Drop
One of the last remaining vestiges of Abaddon’s power is his abiding hatred of dance.

In the very top north-eastern corner of the map you will find Silent Vale. To the east of [&BMcKAAA=] Blind Faith you will find several waterfalls. Inside one of them you will find a shifting sands portals which will take you to this hidden statue.

You will need to do the /dance emote in front of the statue until a beam of light appears and kills you. You may also want to do the /kneel emote before this as the statue also counts towards “Path of the Gods”.

Mastery: Jackal Shifting Sands

Full Rebel Assault
Save all four captive villagers from execution at Bonestrand Garrison, and ensure they survive to face their enemy.

To the south-west of [&BNwKAAA=] Bonestrand you will find [&BKcKAAA=] Bonestrand Garrison. There is an event that spawns here where you will need to defend four captive villagers. The goal is simple, make sure none of them die. After the event is complete, you will then need to escort them to [&BFIKAAA=] Clanmarsha’s Pergola and make sure that no one dies.

Once you reach the gates and complete this event, the achievement will unlock.

Honoring the Fallen
Bow at Sandstrewn Shrine to summon First Spear Dehvad, and collect medals from him for completing his tasks.

Head north-west of [&BKMKAAA=] The Darklands to [&BOQKAAA=] Sandstrewn Shrine. Here you will find a mastery point. To activate the mastery point you need to do the /bow emote on the lit altar.

Jackal Reconnaissance
Now that you have your jackal, you can gain tasty treats for it as a reward for helping locals.

You first need to earn the Jackal by completing the heart quest at Djinn Enclave east of Sand Jackal Run. Doing so will allow you to speak with Drojkar, Spirit Squall. There is a dialog option will earn you the treat for the first item.

  • Djinn Palace Treat (Given by Drojkar for completing the Jackal heart. )
  • Consecrated Treat (Speak with Aisha at [&BMEKAAA=] Lair of the Forgotten. She will ask for a sulfur sample. In the Sulfer Quarry you will find a pile of bones on a small island Collect them and return them to Aisha for the treat.)
  • Bonestrand Treat (Nori Mahat can be found in a tent fairly close to the heart vendor in the Bonestrand. He will ask you to return Awakened Intel. The intel is inside a tent at [&BDEKAAA=] Chukeh overlook. Return the Intel to earn this treat for your Jackal.)
  • Shadows Treat (This last treat is given by Ahel who can be found just east of [&BKMKAAA=] The Darklands. There’s a small shooting range just above the bounty boards. He wanted ou to collect a piece of Forged Armor. The armor inside The Mouth of Torment just south of the camp. The armor can be found near the Hero point. Collect it and return to Ahel for your last treat.)

Joko’s Hidden Chamber
Gain entry to Joko’s hidden chamber.

Joko’s chamber is south of [&BMEKAAA=] Lair of the Forgotten. It’s marked on the map with [&BFQKAAA=] Forbidden Vault above the Basaltic Fringe. To access the chamber you need to escort Buuran as he makes his way down to the vault. If the chamber is already open, you can just run inside to earn the achievement. Completing the escort event isn’t required if it’s already open.

Junundu Whisperer
Keep the six junundu alive while destroying all of the siege engines in the Shattered Ravines.

Just west of [&BMEKAAA=] Lair of the Forgotten is [&BHAKAAA=] Wayward Watch. There you will find Kane who will ask for help. Once you talk to him, three collection events will spawn. At this time all three events need to be completed by collecting the sulfur crystals using a Skimmer.

Once you complete the event, you will have three Junundu Wurms to attack for Forged camps. Once you have three wurms, another three will join the fight. From here you need to make sure they all stay alive until the meta has finished. If you complete the fight with all six wurms still alive, the achievement will unlock.

Race to the Finish: the Desolation
Finish the race around Sand Jackal Run in first, second, or third place.

This race is located at [&BHcKAAA=] Sand Jackal Run. You will need to race around the course using the Jackal. There’s quite a few hazards so make sure to take care when crossing the sulfur. You can use other mounts during this race, just swap carefully as there’s a lot of enemies.

Finish the race within 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to earn the achievement.

Renowned Adventurer: The Desolation
Complete all of the renown hearts located in the Desolation.

Complete the following renowned heart quests for the first time to unlock this achievement:

  • Tariq (Help Tariq weak the garrison.)
  • Kisha Odili (Help Kisha Odili keep the village running.)
  • Dunkoro (Help Dunkoro assist local ghosts.)
  • Help the Order of Shadow defend against the Forged.
  • Drojkor (Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals.)

The Throne of Bones
Sit on Palawa Joko’s throne.

At the very south of The Desolation you will see Joko’s Domain, there’s a point of intested called The Bone Palace. Head to this point of interest from [&BAsKAAA=] Joko’s Domain and enter the palace. Once inside you will see a throne if the structure isn’t contested by an event.

Make your way to the throne, stand on the chair and do the emote /sit.

Shadow of a Shadow
Complete all six Order of Shadows achievements.

This achievement has multiple parts that need you to complete six Order of the Shadows achievements. Once you complete the following achievements, this will unlock:

  • Shadow Patroller
  • Shadow Sprinter
  • Realm-Portal Spiker
  • Sulfer Shooter
  • A Redeemer’s Friend
  • Shadows Provisions

These achievements are fairly easy, but a few take a while to complete.

Shadow Patroller
Help Redeemer Kossan search for Forged activity by successfully patrolling the Ruination.

From [&BE4KAAA=] Torment’s Watch Kossan will patrol the area. This event requires you to defend him while he checks on other Order of the Shadows members. Once he’s done he will return to the camp.

Before you leave, listen to his dialog with the other order member. Once the conversation is over you can talk with Kossan and unlock “A Redeemer’s Friend”.

A Redeemer’s Friend
After completing successful patrols with Redeemer Kossan, speak with him again once he’s talked to Keeper Pamir.

See “Shadow Patroller”.

Shadow Sprinter
Earn Order of Shadows seals by successfully completing events and lending assistance to agents throughout the Ruptured Heart and the Desolation.

Throughout the Desolation you will find events that spawn where you need to gather Intel. There are multiple locations, so just watch the map for these events. Once the Intel gather event is complete, you will then need to deliver orders to various NPCs.

After you complete the first event, a second event will start where you need to deliver objectives to other order members. For each objective you deliver you will earn Order of Shadows seals. You need to earn 100 of these seals, effectively completing 100 objective drop offs. This can be quite time-consuming, but these events spawn often.

Realm-Portal Spiker
Plant 100 portal spikes into the realm portals at the Ruptured Heart.

Within The Mouth of Torment and the Raptured Heart there is a meta event that spawns. This event requires you to fend off forged soldiers and destroy the reinforcement portals. Once the second event spawns where you need to destroy the portals, you need to combine dropped residue with a portal spike. From here you need interact with the portal and insert the spike.

You have to combine and insert 100 spikes into the portal. This is extremely tedious, but you can map hop in hopes of joining multiple events.

If the first event happens to fail, don’t panic as the second event for the portals will spawn regardless. This will allow you to earn progress towards the achievement even if the meta doesn’t succeed.

Sulfur Shooter
Test Creator Jadi’s experimental sulfur shooter by using it on, and then killing, a variety of sulfur-damaged Forged.

At [&BKgKAAA=] Chantry of Shadows near [&BKMKAAA=] The Darklands you will find Creator Jadi, he will give you a sulfur shooter. From here you need to explore the local area and kill the following forged enemies with it:

  • Forerunner
  • Hookhead
  • Scavenger
  • Sharpshooter
  • Shieldbearer
  • Soldier
  • War Mage
  • Weaponeer


Shadows Provisions
Discover Shadows provisions spread throughout the Desolation.

There are a total of 25 Shadow Provisions throughout the map. They’re fairly easy to spot, some are in hard to reach places, not nothing too difficult. The achievement will give you an idea of where to look, but enabling “usable object names” will make them highly visible.

The map below details all the provision locations for this achievement:

Guild Wars 2 The Desolation Achievement Guide

Cleansing Tormented Remnants
Use your jackal to clear tormented remnants from the Poisoned Outcrops and Helcoid Seeps.

This area is quite hazardous, but there is a unique collectible here that you can only pick up with the Jackal. They look like purple tornadoes. To collect them you simply need to run over them with the Jackal mount. The map below shows all their locations. You may want to use an alternative mount to get around and avoid enemies.

Mount: Jackal

Guild Wars 2 The Desolation Achievement Guide

Lost Lore of the Desolation
Find dispatch pages to complete the Order of Whispers’ dispatch collection

Much like the other maps there are seven hidden lore pages throughout The Desolation. Turning on “usable object names” makes this pages fairly easy to spot. They’re all in easy to reach locations so pick them up while working towards the other collectibles.

Guild Wars 2 The Desolation Achievement Guide

Path of the Gods
Kneel at the statues of each human god.

There are six statues in total in The Desolation. You need to find and do /kneel in front of them to earn progress towards this achievement. There is one hidden statue in Silent Vale behind the waterfall. To reach this statue you will need to use the Shifting Sands mastery with your Jackal.

You can also earn the achievement “Dance Till You Drop” at this same statue. Perform the /kneel emote first as the /dance emote will kill you.

Guild Wars 2 The Desolation Achievement Guide

Acrid Springs Recovery
Recover sulfur-worn coins from the ruins of Acrid Springs.

There are 17 sulfur-worn coins throughout the Acrid Springs. They’re fairly easy to spot with “usable object names” enabled. Collect all 17 coins to unlock the achievement.

I highly recommend using the Skimmer to explore this area as the sulfur can be quite hazardous.

The map below details all the locations:

Guild Wars 2 The Desolation Achievement Guide


Shadows Intel: Gold
Gather documents for Order of Shadows agents before time runs out!

This adventure requires you to collect Intel around the Lair of the Forgotten. This adventure is primarily designed for the Jackal but you can use several different mounts to make this easier. The time limit is quite forgiving, just try to avoid groups of enemies that will slow you down.

Complete this adventure within 4 minutes and 30 seconds to earn gold.

Difficulty: Medium

Shadows Intel: Silver
Gather documents for Order of Shadows agents before time runs out!

See “Shadows Intel: Gold”.

Desolation Griffon Expert: Gold
Fly your griffon through the rings as quickly as you can!

This adventure has some obstructions, however they’re fairly easy to navigate around. Passing through the small cave will pose the most difficulty for players.

Complete this adventure within 25 seconds to earn gold.

Difficulty: Medium

Desolation Griffon Expert: Silver
Fly your griffon through the rings as quickly as you can!

See “Desolation Griffon Expert: Gold:”

Desolation Griffon Master: Gold
Fly your griffon through the rings as quickly as you can!

This adventure is located high up above [&BGQKAAA=] The Mouth of Torment. This is the harder of the two adventures as you have to dive and weave through various obstructions while making your way down a sulfur stream.

Difficulty: Hard

Complete this adventure under 30 seconds to earn gold.

Desolation Griffon Master: Silver
Fly your griffon through the rings as quickly as you can!

See “Desolation Griffon Master: Gold”.


The Desolation Bounty Tour
Complete a bounty from each bounty board location.

Complete once bounty from the following board locations:

  • The Bonestrand
  • The Darklands
  • Lair of the Forgotten

The Desolation Champion Bounties
Defeat each Champion bounty in the Desolation at least once.

Throughout the map there are 15 champion bounties that you need to kill for this achievement. They vary in difficulty, but most are straight forward enough. Look for groups to complete these bounties on the LFG.

You can keep track of which bounties you need through the achievement.

The Desolation Legendary Bounties
Defeat each legendary bounty in the Desolation at least once.

There are three legendary bounties on this map, take part and kill each one at least once to earn this achievement:

  • Queen Ishraa
  • Forged Rampager
  • Awakened Hoarder