Dhuum is the last boss of the Hall of Chains. Unlike many other bosses, this one is far more reliant on players progressing mechanics without failure to succeed. Dhuum himself has very little in the way of attacks. But there are a lot of very arena specific mechanics than can cause a group to fail the fight.

Before this fight starts, there is a 2 minute pre-event that players must complete in order to summon Dhuum from his throne. As soon as the two minutes are up Dhuum will stand up and walk towards the group. This event will show players a majority of the core mechanics in the fight.

Arena Mechanics

This fight has a lot of heavy arena mechanics. Most of this fight consists of making sure that other mechanics in the raid don’t fail on top of the group inflicting damage to Dhuum.


This mechanic is fairly typical like all the other raid encounters that need a tank. Dhumm will target the player with the highest toughness.

You will need to move Dhuum around the room to various stack points after he drops his Death Mark on the ground.

Reapers & Orb Collection

There are seven reapers that channel throughout the fight. You will hear them say “Dhuum’s gaze falls upon me” before a large grasping hand appears and a green portal shows up underneath them.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

This mechanic requires three players to take the grasping portal up to the orbs above. From here the players needs to collect one large orb, and four smaller orbs. Large orbs stop Dhuum’s Enforcers from spawning below. If a large orb is missed an Enforcer will spawn. If you miss the large orb, communicate to the group that an Enforcer will spawn. Collecting multiple large orbs will stop Enforcers and extra messengers from spawning.

The following maps detail which portals spawn at what times for each orb runner. Each map details times and the next location for each runner to take. Green for runner 1, orange for runner 2 and blue for runner 3.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

If Enforcers do spawn during the fight, several damage roles will have to deal with it.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

If a reaper dies at any point in the fight, it will wipe the group and reset the fight. Players who’re dealing with the orbs should collect five orbs as fast as possible, failure to collect five will result in death. You have roughly 11 seconds to collect orbs and return. There is also a large darker blue beam of light in the central of the room. Stay away from the beam as it will instantly kill anyone who crosses it.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

This mechanic repeats throughout the fight up until the last 10%.

Dhumm’s Enforcers

At the start of the fight the group will need to kill four Enforcers. These are large skeletons that inflict high damage to anything they hit. These enemies will attack the reapers until the group stops them.

After the pre-event these enemies won’t spawn unless one of the orb runners misses a large orb while taking the Dhuums Gaze portal. If one of these assigned players does happen to miss a large orb, a few high damage players will need to split off from the boss and quickly kill the Enforcer that has spawned. They always spawn in a clockwise rotation around the room.

Orb runners should do their best to avoid spawning these enemies as it can make or break the fight.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown


Throughout the fight, various smaller spider-like enemies will spawn in the arena. They gather around the reapers and inflict damage to them is left alone. For some reason, the Deathlings always favor the reaper next to the door. Every so often, players will need to clear these enemies to make sure this reaper doesn’t die.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Dhuum’s Messengers

From the start of the fight up until the last phase. One player will need to kite several golems around the arena. They have a large AoE underneath them which will kill anyone that touches it.

Players collecting orbs above can collect a second large orb to reduce the amount of golems that spawn below. This doesn’t need to be a priority like the first large orb, but it makes the kiters job a lot easier if you can.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Arcing Affliction

Affliction is a mechanic that’s present throughout the fight. Players are selected at random to deal with this mechanic. Once applied, the afflicted player must leave the group and detonate this timed explosive in a safe place. The blast will inflict damage to the group, but the further away they are, the lesser the overall effects will be.

Depending on when the Greater Mark attack happens. Afflicted players can stay with the group as the effects are nullified once this attack starts. This all depends on how long you have to detonate the affliction.

This effect spawns in multiples of five with a break between each new cycle.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Soul Shackle

This mechanic will start to appear at the 60% mark of the fight. Two players are shackled together with a damaging aura. To break the shackles both players need to separate in opposite directions. Once the shackles are destroyed a large blueish white explosion will appear around both affected players to indicate success.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Greater Death Mark

At set periods in the fight Dhuum will dip into the ground like his normal Death Mark attack, but instead he will appear in the central of the arena. From here he will split everyone’s souls from their body.

As this is happening, players need to turn their backs to a wall and face Dhuum in the center. This attack will push players away from their standing position and up against a wall. Allowing players to quickly get back their souls which will be a large beam of light where you were standing.

If you position yourself poorly you may find you need to cover a lot of ground to retrieve your body. Failure to grab your body will result in the player dying.

This attack happens at 6:25, 5:05, 3:45, 2:25 and 1:05. These times are extremely important as you can use them to nullify the effects of affliction.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Dhuums Imprisonment (10% Phase)

At the last phase of the fight, Dhuum will split everyone from their bodies. The group will ascended up to the orbs above. In this phase everyone needs to collect five orbs to return back down to the ground. You’re given plenty of time to collect orbs, but this can be a little tricky due to the other nine players are also trying to return to their bodies. Failing this mechanic will place you in a downed state within Dhuum protective bubble.

You will appear in a protective bubble that Desmina has cast around Dhuum.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Once everyone has returned, seven players need to channel the altars around the arena. These are the same alters the reapers are hovering above through the fight. Once a player has channeled their altar they must return to the center to avoid dying to the damaging aura of the arena.

You need seven players to complete the channeling. Everyone should wait until the group is ready, and all run out together to channel. You will all return roughly at the same time. Try to avoid using movement skills to get to the altar. Save them to return in to the protective bubble to avoid long exposure to the deathly aura.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Once all seven altars are active the group can inflict damage to Dhuum. Depending on the groups overall damage, several altar runs may be needed.

Warriors and druids should hold off on dropping banners and spirits around the 20% mark of Dhuums health before this phase. You will want the extra buffs to be active for the last final push of the fight.


Overall Dhumm is fairly straight forward. He has very few attacks and most of this fight is dependent on other mechanics around the arena.

Deathly Aura

Much like most bosses throughout the various raid encounters, Dhuum has a deathly aura which damages players within range of the boss. This is a passive aura doesn’t inflict high damage, but consistent healing will be required throughout the fight.

Scythe Swing

Dhuums standard attack results in him swinging his Scythe from right to left. This attack will leave small and large AoEs all over the arena floor. This attack is extremely easy to avoid, and should be avoided at all costs. The attack deals little damage, however it can also catch players off guard and down players who have low health.

This attack so also be avoided by classes that are running glass cannon builds as they will suffer the most.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Cataclysmic Cycle (Reaper Pull)

At 40% a new attack will appear in the fight. Dhuum will turn on the group and do a grasping pull. If you’re caught by the attack Dhumm will pull you in damaging whoever is in his grasp. At this point you will also have to deal with the fear cracks that spawn all over the arena. This is a fairly easy attack to avoid as it is highly telegraphed. Players should always make sure they’re on the backside of this attack as it inflicts moderate to high damage.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Death Mark

This is an attack where Dhuum will drop into the floor, then reappear on top of a randomly selected player. As soon as he reappears a large mark AoE will appear under where he is standing. If you’re standing on this mark your soul is ripped from your body. You need to return to your souls as quickly as possible and reclaim it by walking through the white light.

Players with low health who’re hit by this attack will be downed in the mark. Making it almost impossible to revive.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown

Putrid Bomb

Periodically throughout the fight Dhumm will turn on the group and slam his scythe into the ground. As he pulls it from the ground, large cracks will spread across the arena. These cracks will light up a bright green once they become activate. Standing on the cracks will fear players across the arena. You can use stun breaks or have the group clear the condition to save yourself. Players with low health will become downed instead of becoming feared.

Guild Wars 2 Voice of the Voice Raid Boss Breakdown