Hall of Chains

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  1. Bosses
  2. Challenge Motes
  3. Misc


Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideSouled Out
Defeat the Soulless Horror.

The Soulless Horror is the first boss you encounter in the Underworld. She is a possessed husk form of Desmina who you need to vanquish to progress to the next part of the instance.

Here you will find our complete boss breakdown of the Soulless Horror.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideThe Ferrywoman
Complete the River of Souls event.

Following the Soulless Horror you will need to complete the River of Souls. This is an event that bridges the gap between the starting area and Dhuum.

Read the full breakdown of this event here.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideSore Eyes
Complete the Statue of Darkness event.

The third boss, which is also an event is broken up into three different encounters. You can tackle these encounters in any order you want. Though starting with the Statue of Darkness is favored by most due to how hit and miss this encounter is.

The other two encounters are more like mini bosses than events. You can read up on the full breakdown of this boss here.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideDeathsaver
Complete the Statue of Death event.

See “Sore Eyes”.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideIcebreaker
Complete the Statue of Ice event.

See “Sore Eyes”.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideWhat’s Death May Never Die
Defeat the Voice in the Void.

Dhuum is the hardest boss of this wing. He’s not as complex as some bosses, but there are a few mechanics that can cause a group wipe. The boss himself isn’t much of a threat as he has very little in the way of attacks. But the overall mechanics of this fight can cause a lot of issues.

Currently pending breakdown.

Challenge Motes

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideExile Executioner
Defeat the Soulless Horror in Challenge Mode.

Soulless isn’t much different from the standard boss. There are however a few things that differ throughout the fight. The boss will cleave players harder and the general mechanics are slightly altered.

The arena will shrink down to the smallest circle of the platform. Unlike normal where the platform will have at least 25% more space in the last phases. Flesh Wurms will continue to spawn throughout the fight, and the soul rifts will progressively get faster.

You want to use the same strategies that you would for normal. Push the golems outside of the arena at all costs and keep the central area clear.

The tanks for this fight will need to endure far more pain than they do on normal due to slower cooldowns on the fixation.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideDeath Eater
Defeat the Voice in the Void on Challenge Mode.

Dhuum also has slight variations to the fight much like the Soulless Horror. As this fight is quite demanding on players, the alterations are quite minor compared to Soulless.

The biggest addition is the echo of Dhuum running around the arena. If you’re caught by this ghostly figure, it will carry a player across the arena and deplete their health. This enemy will be active through the fight up until you kill Dhuum.

The other alteration to this fight is that the reapers around the room take less healing in this fight. The tanking route is a little different compared to normal, but there’s little to no alterations otherwise.


Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideNecro Dancer
Defeat the Soulless Horror without being hit by Vortex Slash.

During the fight with the Soulless Horror you will see several attacks that you need to avoid. There are three different AoEs, one is a two-part circle which expands into an outer ring (seen at the start of the fight). The other two are a 4 and 8 bloom starburst like AoE where Soulless swings her hammer at the group.

You need to make sure you dodge these AoEs throughout the fight. If you’re hit by these attacks it will void the achievement. You can use blocks to avoid this, I suggest dodging just in case the block is stripped by something else.

Guild Wars 2 Hall of Chains Achievement GuideStatues of Limitation
Complete all three statue events within 5 minutes.

This achievement can be quite tricky. You need to defeat all three statues within 5 minutes. The general strategy is to start with the statue of darkness as it takes the longest, it is also the easier of the three to mess up. From there the group needs to split up and tackle the statue of ice and death separately.

A high level coordination is required to pull this off. Everyone needs to know what they’re doing and where they have to go. The timer will only start after the first statue is defeated. Starting at other statues first may work for some groups, where as it may not for others.