Shattered Observatory

Table of Contents

  1. Bosses
  2. Collectibles
  3. Challenge Mote

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideShattered Observatory Fractal
Complete all the achievements associated with the Shattered Observatory fractal.

Complete all six achievements tied to this meta achievement. There are eight achievements total, two of which are tied to Challenge Mote and do not count towards this.


Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideClosing the Loop
Complete the Shattered Observatory fractal on the master tier.

This has a fairly straightforward, beat this fractal on the master tier. This requires you to clear all three bosses and earn the reward.

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideIn Bloom
Defeat Skorvald the Shattered without being hit by a Solar Bloom explosion.

During the fight after the first phase, Skorvald will spawn a Solar Bloom. This orb will tether to a player with an energy beam. Once fixated, that player, or another play needs to hit the orb to keep it at the platform edge. After a short period the Bloom will explode. The blast will knock any players back or off the platform.

The requirements are simple, defeat the boss without being hit by the Solar Bloom blast.

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuidePlaying for Keeps
Bounce a single globolla marble on your head eight times in a row.

As you make your way to Viirastra you will experience a mechanic with the globolla marble. This mechanic requires your group to bounce the marble around the platform after the first phase in Viirastra’s fight.

To complete the achievement you must bounce the marble eight times in a row. Bounce between all eight marked locations using your special action skill. The skill resets every time you successfully progress the marble. This allows players to quickly jump between the white ground markers.

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideBlinded with Science
Vaporize yourself in the mastermind’s projection beam before the fight starts.

Once you reach the mastermind’s platform, quickly clear the four towers using the Solar Blooms. From here, stand in the middle of the platform and look towards the control panel. As you face the control panel, the beam will hit anyone stood in the middle.

If you happen to miss the beam, the only way to earn this again is to restart the fractal as it only happens once per instance.

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideBe Reactive
Defeat the mastermind in the Shattered Observatory while all the reactors are active.

Towards the end of the fight with Ark, you will want to make sure that the four towers around the platform have re-generated. Once fully charged, kill Ark as fast as possible before he detonates his explosive energy.

If the towers around the platform aren’t charged, hold any damage towards the boss until they are.


Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideExtracurricular Studies of the Astral Kind
Collect all five Data Keys.

Throughout the fractal there are five data keys that you need to find. They are located on the  platforms after the first boss. They’re fairly easy to spot if you have usable object names turned on.

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement Guide

Challenge Mote

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideMind Out of Time
Accept the harbinger’s challenge and defeat the mastermind in the Shattered Observatory fractal.

Once you’ve completed all six achievements for the meta, you will unlock the option to take part in the Challenge Mote run of this fractal. The mote will appear next to the start area much like the Nightmare fractal.

The thing to keep in mind with this challenge mote is that most of the mechanics are very similar to the core fractal. However, there are some variations along with additions to each boss that make them harder.

Skorvald the Shattered

The last phase of this boss is the most hectic and the least like its original form. However most mechanics are easy to avoid.

Elite Anomaly Platforms

During 66% and 33% the boss is stunned and starts to absorb power form the elites on the surrounding platforms. The group needs to clear all four elites and return to the platform as fast as possible. These enemies are a little different from the standard mode, they evade and knock down players so be ready.

Projection Beam

This will be the first time you see this attack during the fractal. The boss will jump to one side of the platform, then release three giant laser beams that fill the area. You want to make sure you’re between the beams and avoid this attack at all costs.

Solar Blooms

Once these orbs show up, players need to keep them at a distance. They will detonate after a short period, so make sure they’re always pushed out to the edge of the platform. Failure to avoid the blast may result in someone or the group dying.

Cyclone Attack

As the boss hits 33% health, he will start a new attack where he spins counter-clockwise in place. During this attack the platform will fill with AoEs that reach out from the center point. You need to avoid this attack as much as possible because it will knock you down and interrupt your attacks.

Elite Rush

In the last phase the various elite anomalies will spawn on the platform. From here they will rush across the platform. This is a fairly easy attack to avoid, but if it hits a player they are knocked back and possibly off the platform.


This boss has the most variation compared to its standard form. However, all the mechanics remain the same outside of a few changes. This boss generally is quite hectic in nature so be ready.

Temporal Anomaly

This will be the first time you see this mechanic during the fractal. A blue anomaly will spawn in the middle of the arena. The group needs to focus and kill the anomaly as fast as possible. Once a player is hit with Corporal Reassignment, they will need to make their way into the bubble created from killing the anomaly. Failure to do so will cause a group wipe as the player will detonate.

Projection Beam

You will continue to see this attack on each boss. When this attack appears, make sure your party is outside of the three large AoE beams before they detonate.

Red Orb

This new attack is something most of the group won’t have to worry about, however if you’re stood within melee range of the boss, it’s possible you will be hit by it. This is a red orb that Viirastra throws out at the group. It’s surrounded by lots of small orbs and taking a direct hit causes a large amount of damage. Avoiding this as much as possible is a priority.

Split Phases

During the fight the boss will split at 66% and 33%. During these phases she will split multiple times. The phase will split into five, where as the second will split into nine. During this phase the party will also have to deal with the Globolla Marble. Make sure that you break the defiance bar on each clone, and make sure someone is completing the marble mechanic.

Mastermind Ark

Unlike the other two bosses, Ark has very similar mechanics to the non-cm version. There are a few key mechanics that you will need to pay close attention to.

Temporal Anomaly

This mechanic is the same as the second boss. You will need to kill these enemies as soon as they spawn. Failure to do so will result in the fixated player wiping the group as they won’t have the safe bubble to shelter in. This is of the highest priority as failing this mechanic will cause a group wipe.

Temporal Realignment

This mechanic is will spawn a green circle around a random player. Once they have the circle, you need at least 1 other player to stand inside the circle with the fixated. If no one stands in the circle with the affected player, it will detonate killing the group. Usually this will happen when a Temporal Anomaly has spawned, so the player with the green circle can take it to the group outside of waiting to have other players fill the circle.

Solar Blooms

As soon as this phase happens, everyone needs to stand close to a bloom to pull aggro. The group will then have to destroy the four towers as quick as possible. After this, you will then need to breaks Arks Defiance Bar. If you’re lacking crowd control skills, you can also use the special action key as it  applies launch to your target. This phase happens at 80%, 50% and 30%.


At 70% and 40% the boss will leave the platform and spawn an elite for the party to fight. During this time you will need to deal with the same mechanics as standard mode, however you will need to avoid the projection beams as well. These mini bosses do the same thing as the standard mode, however some of them attacks hit the party instead of just one person.

Final Phase

Once you reach 40% you will enter the last phase of the fight. At this point everything gets a little hectic. You will have almost every mechanic possible thrown at the group while the floor is also vanishing below the players. Try to keep on top of mechanics, kill the anomaly when it spawns and use your special action key as much as possible to save yourself if needed.

Guild Wars 2 Shattered Observatory Achievement GuideBe Dynamic
Accept the harbinger’s challenge and complete the Shattered Observatory fractal with no one in your group being defeated.

This is one of the hardest Guild Wars 2 achievements to date. Your party needs to clear all three bosses without a single player dying. This includes disconnects, swapping characters or leaving the instance.

There are very few tips I can give you for this, however if you can manage to clear “Mind Out of Time” consistently with a solid group. Use the same group to attempt this. Just be ready to start over if someone makes a mistake and dies.