Anomalous Occurrences

Author Notes

This is a collective set of achievements that appeared in the game "Current Events". These releases collected small activities for players to complete between the Season 3 Living Story updates. They've have now been collected into their own section in the game. These events have also been adjusted slightly to make them a little more accessible.

Note that you may need to complete other achievements to progress forward through these events.

Table of Contents

  1. Ley-Line Anomaly
  2. Bloodstone Sightings

Ley-Line Anomaly

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Ley Line Researched
Collect a Ley-Infused Lodestone from Ela Makkay.

After completing the earlier events Ela Makkay will contact you via your mail. She will want to speak with you and give you a Ley-Infused Lodestone. You will then need to click the Lodestone to see a notification of where you need to go.

You can buy more Lodestones from Ela using Putrid Essence, Corrupted Lodestones, Crystal Lodestones and Destroyer Lodestones.

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Anomaly Sighted
Encounter a Ley-Line Anomaly

After clicking on the Lodestone you’ve obtained, head towards the map indicated. Once you enter the map you may see a boss icon on the map. If so head towards it and start attacking. The Anomaly will run around the map, so be quick as it doesn’t stay in one place for long.

Once you enter a map you may or may not see the boss icon. If you see it the Anomaly is active and there’s probably a group following it. If you don’t see it, you will need to wait until a prompt appears on the screen announcing the Anomaly’s arrival.

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Dispersed Anomaly
Disperse as Ley-Line Anomaly before it can be absorb any coalescences.

While chasing an Anomaly around the map you will need to break the defiance bar. Doing so will cause it to stop and spawn Anomaly Fragments around it. Much like all the earlier events you will need to stop the Anomaly from consuming any. During this phase one Champion Anomaly Fragment will spawn fairly close. The map will need to use Crowd Control skills to slow it down and stun it. The kill it as fast as possible.

The event will consist of several of these encounters so the map will have to stop them multiple times before the Anomaly dies. If one of these Champion Fragments reaches the Anomaly during any of the phase encounters, you will have to try again on the next map.

This may prove difficult unless a group of players focus the champ as soon as it spawns.

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Anomalies of the World
Disperse Ley-Line Anomalies in all of the areas they appear.

Anomalies will appear on the following maps. You can click on your Ley-Infused Lodestone to find out which map is now active and will have the next Anomaly spawn.

  • Gendarren Fields
  • Timberline Falls
  • Iron Marches

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Anomalous Results
Successfully disperse 10 Ley-Line Anomalies before they overload.

Once you meet the Anomaly you will need to chase it around the map. You will then proceed to kill it after doing a series of mini events along the way. This achievement will unlock once you kill 10 Anomalies without them overloading.

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Fragmented Anomaly
Disperse a Ley-Line Anomaly without it reabsorbing any fragments.

During your fight with an Anomaly you will encounter a serious of mini events where it will try to draw power from ley energy. Your goal is to use Crowd Control skills to break the defiance bar. Then stop the Anomaly from absorbing any ley energy. This will require the whole group of people chasing to work together. This is a highly coordinated achievement which will require some patience.

Bloodstone Sightings

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Bloodstone Sightings
Find and Identify bloodstone-crazed creatures throughout Tyria.

Before you can start this series of events you will need to first get the “Levvi’s Detector”. You can find this item by visiting the Consortium Trader’s locations at the Last Leap Point of Interest in Verdant Brink. You can collect this item from the fallen allies body.

To use the scanner you will need to activate it. You will then be presented with the creatures that are currently roaming the world. Once you’re in a map with one of these creatures, a map wide message will be displayed if a crazed creature is active.

From here you will need to find the crazed creatures listed below.

Bloodstone Crazed Moa

  • Snowden Drifts
  • Diessa Plateau
  • Kessex Hills
  • Brisban Wildlands

Bloodstone Crazed Devourer

  • Dry Top
  • Silverwastes
  • Blazeridge Steppes
  • Fields of Ruin

Bloodstone Crazed Arctodus

  • Snowden Drifts
  • Lonar’s Pass
  • Gendarren Fields

Bloodstone Crazed Shark

  • Frostgorge Sound
  • Bloodtide Coast
  • Mount Maelstrom

Bloodstone Crazed Wyvern

  • Verdant Brink
  • Tangled Depths

Note: It’s possible that these events spawn every 30 minutes randomly in the listed maps when the device shows them.  Currently there’s no known pattern to the spawn times.

The current solution to make sure you end up on the right map when one of these creatures spawns is to use the squad system and multi map.

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide Bloodstone Harvest
Recover the bloodstone slivers that have affected creatures, and collect the remaining silvers in the world before they can do more harm.

This will remain locked until you pick up the first bloodstone sliver. You can do this at the time of collecting the device for “Bloodstone Sightings”. The following maps details the locations where you can find the bloodstone slivers scattered around Tyria.

Aside from the 10 collectible slivers, you will also need to kill all give crazed creatures to finish this achievement. You can collect these items in any order you see fit, below they’re listed in the order of the achievement panel.

Silverwastes – Drydock  Grotto waypoint [&BLoHAAA=]

From the waypoint head up the ramp tot he top of the upturned boat. The sliver is out in the open near the little building.

Frostgorge Sound – Ice Flow waypoint [&BH4CAAA=]

Use the ramp to reach the boat. Once there, follow the path to your right. The bloodstone will be sat in a doorway on the left hand side.

Fields of Ruin – Terra Carorunda waypoint [&BAECAAA=]

Head north-east to the bandit camp in the cave. Look for the torch lit entrance, and follow the path through a small jumping puzzle. Once there, head across the area to the small stream, the bloodstone will be located within the mouth of the stream.

Queensdale – Shaemoor Graveyard waypoint[&BO8AAAA=]

Head across Shaemoor to the graveyard and this next bloodstone will be sat in a tree.

Brisban Widlands – Seraphs Observers waypoint [&BGIAAAA=]

Head south of the waypoint and you will see this sliver on tree.

Verdant Brink – Last Leap waypoint [&BOkHAAA=]

From the Itzel Village head west to the Wyvern Cliffs. Once here, climb the southern cliff. This is where you find the Levvi Device. Just behind the consortium traders body you will find the sliver.

Harathi Hinterlands – Thunder Rock waypoint [&BKwAAAA=]

Head south from Recovery Camp waypoint, head up the path towards the circle caged off area and look on the cliff edge to the south-eastern side.

Rata Sum – Meterical Court waypoint [&BBMEAAA=]

From this waypoint, look above you on the slope. You will need to climb up the edge of the area and up large tree root behind you.

Timberline Falls – Nonmoa Lake waypoint [&BEkCAAA=]

From either of the waypoints here, head to the small island in the middle of the lake. Climb to its highest point where you will find a set of diving goggles. Just across from this area you will see the sliver on a lookout perch.

Mount Maelstrom – Magmatic Conjury waypoint [&BNYCAAA=]

From this waypoint head north up the face of Mount Maelstrom. You will see a large crack in the earth crust as you make your way up the incline. This sliver can be found inside the crust just below. Just be careful as this one’s easy to overshoot if you judge it wrong.

Guild Wasrs 2 Anomalous Occurrences Achievement Guide