Current Events

Author Notes

Current events return in 2018 with a series of portals appearing outside the major cities in Tyria.

This guide is a consistent work in progress and will remain so. Information in this guide may change on a regular basis.

[Updated April 24th 2018]

Table of Contents

  1. Awakened Portals
  2. Subjects of Importance

Awakened Portals

After downloading the latest patch, head to any of the maps listed under “Zone Defense”. Every hour starting at xx:30 one of these events will spawn. They spawn on three different maps every cycle. Take part in the events and you will receive a mail from Ninn requesting to speak with you in your home instance.

There may be a possible bug where the player does not receive the mail regardless of doing events. At this time there doesn’t seem to be a fix for this issue.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuideZone Defense
Successfully fend off the Awakended in each area they invade.

Upon visiting the following maps you will see various red crossed swords on the world map. The events span the map in various locations. So once it starts, check the map after completing each event to find the next one.

These events spawn on multiple maps at the same time. The device created by Ninn will tell you which maps are active within the next cycle.

These events spawn an hour after the previous event, at half past each hour.

  • Caledon Forest
  • Gendarren Fields
  • Metrica Province
  • Plains of Ashford
  • Queensdale
  • Wayfarer Foothills

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuideAwakening Threat
Help fight off the Awakened attacking near major cities.

Once the event gets going, the whole map needs to defeat the portals events spawn. After all the portals are destroyed, along with any bosses this will unlock. Failure to defeat the portals will result in a failure and no achievement reward.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuidePortal Breaker
Make an Awakened invasion force retreat from an area.

After one of the events becomes active, defeat all the enemies and the champion that spawn. Once the full meta is completed you will be rewarded with this achievement. There are multiple events around each active map, so make sure you take part in the full meta to gain credit.

You can progress this achievement 10 times to earn a total of 30 ap. You can keep earning the reward once you hit this cap.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuidePortal Peacemaker
Help Ninn construct a device to detect the Awakened portal invasions.

Ninn can be found in any home instance you have access to. After speaking with him he will ask you to collect various items to craft a device.

You will need to bring Ninn the following items:

  • 50 Mithril Ingots
  • 3 Charged Quartz Crystals (Timed gated if you don’t have them)
  • Resonance Tuner
  • Etheric Tank
  • Gate Alchemeter

Resonance Tuner

Head to [&BGUAAAA=] Ulta Metamagicals and speak with Glaxx. He will tell you the inquest have stolen any spare tuners he had. From there head north to [&BFQAAAA=] Enrav Exploration Post where you will find a chest containing the tuner.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement Guide

Etheric Tank

Speak with Danka in Timerline Falls. You can buy the tank for 2 gold after completing her dialog. She can be found at [&BEwCAAA=] Valance Tutory in the lab.

Gate Alchemeter

The last item is also found within a chest in Ebonhawk. Speak with Gate Operator Stebben, he will tell you the Skirtt in the city have stolen the Alchemeter. Head west towards Last Stand Shelter and through to the back of the cave. You will find a chest containing the stolen item.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement Guide

After collecting all the items return to Ninn in your home instance. After giving the items to him he will ask for a day (possible reset) to build the device for you.

Note: This will take up to 3 days depending on if you have the materials, and 1 day for him to craft the device once the items have been given to him.

If you complete this task on an Engineer, Charr Flame Legion or Asura Ninn will reward you with the device sooner than intended.

Subjects of Importance

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuideSurvey on Subjects of Importance
Take a poll from the traveling journalist Krewe.

Make your way to South Sun cove. There is a journalist krewe across the bridge from Pearl Islet. Speak with them about the events currently going on. To unlock this achievement take the poll that Achelle has for you.

After speaking with the news krewe, the norn will mention a splash reported on the eastern side of Pearl Islet. Before you can investigate this you will first need to progress “Reawakening Threat”.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuideReawakening Threat
Destroy a remnant Awakened champion.

Before you can earn this achievement, you must first use the “Phasic Distortion Reader” which you obtained from an earlier current event storyline. If you no longer have this item, speak with Sarettokk in Lion’s Arch. He can be found in [&BCgEAAA=] Hooligan’s Route. Buy the device from him for 2 gold, and activate it to see which map will be active for the portal event.

After locating the map which will be invaded next, make your way over and take part in the event. You will need to kill an Awakened Champion to earn this achievement. You can kill any champion that spawns at the various red sword marked events to earn this progress.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement Guide Lost Invasion
Help fight off Awakened attacking Southsun Cove.

Complete the awakened invasion event without failing in Southsun Cove. Once the event starts take part until it finishes and succeeds to earn the achievement. This portal event will start at xx:30 past every hour. Southsun Cove has been added to the rotation of other maps. Check your tracking device so see which map spawning next.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuideLost in Transit
Locate unusual debris in Southsun Cove to help Ninn.

After defeating the Awakened Champion event, find Ninn in your home instance. Speak with him. He will give you a series of new dialog and tell you to about the debris in Southsun cove. You will now be able to interact with the box mentioned earlier.

Collect the five different debris items across Southsun Cove:

Unusual Debris 1

Found in the water next to a shipwreck east of Peral Islet.

Unusual Debris 2

A strange object located east of Steampipe Steading on a ledge above the water.

Unusual Debris 3

Located at the bottom of a small waterfall north of Captains Retreat. Just below the Driftglass Springs.

Unusual debris 4

Just north of Owain’s Refuge on the cliffside. Located on a ledge overlooking the outpost.

Unusual Debris 5

The final piece if located deep below Sawtooth Bay. Head to Privateer’s Moorage and look under the shipwreck.

After collecting all the parts, return them to Ninn in your home instance. He will tell you to return tomorrow (daily reset) for the answer to his findings.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement Guide

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Achievement GuideAwakened Aftereffects
Read or Listened to Ninn’s report on the Awakened invasions.

After you’ve delivered the parts collected above to Niin. Wait for daily reset and return to him. He will talk to you once more and explain what’s going on with the portals. The achievement will unlock once you completed the dialog.