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Lead Example is an independent non-commercial website. We’re a small team of writers who enjoy games, and share our experiences with you the reader. We also offer our readers their own independence while interacting with this websites. That being said, we reserve the right to moderate and remove comments that deem to be considered trolling, drama driven, or fit a negative light that we wish to not portray here.

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Privacy Policy

We may be an independent website, but we do our utmost to make sure your user experience is the best it can be.  We try to keep this site as family friendly as we can. Any comments that are deemed to be trolling, extremely negative, drama, politics or religion based will be removed. There are many forums for this type of content, but Lead Example is not one of them.

We do not sell, distribute, alter or profit from user information. Our comments are handled through a third-party system which allows for users to take advantage of other social accounts they may own. We use the “Disqus” comment system which is a plugin to adapt our comments. This system has their own policies which you must abide by. We do not have access to any information you give through the “Disqus” system, but all comments are logged within our system. Interactions with our comments need you to give a valid e-mail address, and your IP address will be logged in the system for regulation purposes. This information is stored for the duration of your session interacting with this website.

Users take responsibility for their own actions. Users who’re found to be neglecting the system or posting spam will be blocked and removed from the website.

Review Titles

Every so often we write reviews for gaming products. These items are provided by the publisher so we can write a review. Even though these items are provided free of charge, we take our reviews seriously. We make sure that we offer a fair non-bias review for you the reader.

Guides Usage

All our guides are written from first hand experience. We take our time, and put in the highest quality that we can. Each author, guest author or writer of this website has provided this information for your own personal usage. The work herein is copyright to the author(s) involved and protected by copyright law.

Each writer/author is responsible for their own work, and is free to distribute it how they see fit. All guides outside of the original authors may only be used with permission from the website and authors involved. Guides may not be copied, re-produced, distributed without consent from the parties involved. Guides may not be sold or produced on a commercial-scale without strict written consent from the admins or authors involved with the content in question.


The images used within this website are for promotional use only. We may alter images to fit our needs but they’re provided by the publisher/developer for illustration purpose only. We do not own the rights to these images. All images maintain their original copyright held by the owner.


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Advertising may be provided to help generate revenue so that we can continue the life cycle of this site. All advertising will be regulated and altered as we see fit. All and any extreme content will be removed and reported. Companies advertising through this site may use cookies or track data for their own statistics.

We have no affiliation with our advertisers and no information will be passed between Lead Example and the advertiser. All content you see will be provided on their own terms.