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The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited...

August 4th, 2012

The King of Fighter 2002 Unlimited Match is a port of the PS2 game, it is developed by SNK and this game comes with the difficulty that SNK fighters are known for.


July 30th, 2012

You start out with a short animated cut-scene with a brief introduction to your character and your fellow survivers trying to escape. You soon learn that you're Wayne Randall and that you're trapped in a world fullled with a pandemic outbreak. Your one goal, to find your family and find the answers to is going on.

Zuma’s Revenge

July 19th, 2012

Zuma's Revenge is the sequel to Zuma, it's a puzzle game, it's easy to learn but hard to master, Zuma's Revenge comes with the newly added Boss Fights and Spirit Animals, as well as the much more improved controls, it's overall much better than the last Zuma and with the controls actually manageable this time round, it's more of an easier completion, although, not too easy, you will still need to practice and have patience for the last couple of achievements.

Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater HD

July 18th, 2012

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is a mash of the first and second games in the series. There is a little more to this re-release over the standard HD releases though. This time around the games come with an updated engine, graphics, levels and characters.

This is perfect for anyone who loves the early Tony Hawk games. Just don't expect them to be direct ports as they're not.

Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon...

July 18th, 2012

Dungeon Fighter LIVE is a port of the PC game, it is a beat em up with RPG elements, and is played like an MMO, players take on a variety of different dungeons, you have the option to either play by yourself or play online with people, it's a more fun experience to play online.

Devil May Cry 3 HD

July 12th, 2012

Devil May Cry 3 is the third installment into the series, instead of moving forward this time, we take a step backwards to discover more about Dante's background with his brother Vergil, this is the Special Edition, which is the easier one, whereas Easy is Easy, Normal is Normal, Hard is Hard, you get what I mean here, as in the original version, Normal was actually Hard, which isn't a surprise for this series, in this version you also get to play as Vergil, so you get to see what he gets up to, and there's been other adjustments to make the game more easier than the original.. much like how the Sigma versions of Ninja Gaiden are like, this is just similar to them.

For people it may interest, the correct order to play through the Devil May Cry series goes like this, DMC3 > DMC1 > DMC4 > DMC2, so if you want to play the series in order, story-wise, that's the way to do it.

Devil May Cry 2 HD

July 12th, 2012

Devil May Cry 2 is the second installment to the Devil May Cry series, and is also part of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, not many liked this one, it is probably the most hated of the series, however, there are those odd few including myself who do like it, and if you want the completion of DMC HD Collection, you're going to have to find some way to get yourself through this game, such as this guide!

Mush (WP)

July 6th, 2012

Mush is a game where the player plays as a creature that can change it's emotions, depending on what emotion it uses allows the player to play differently, and collect the items around the stage, it mainly uses the tilt screen features and the controls are flawless, and it is an easy completion.

Fruit Ninja (WP)

July 5th, 2012

Fruit Ninja is an enjoyable game where you slice up fruit, there is three modes to play, they are similar but have their separate rules for scoring etc. It's a fun game to play when bored, and it's unique, there isn't many games like it.