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Over the events of Evo 2014 (the biggest fighting game tournament).  Tekken 7 was announced.  This is one of the few big announcements Harada has planned this year.  It will use Unreal Engine 4.  So far, there has been no word about what systems it may be on (my guess is on PS4/Xbox One) or a release date, just that

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Brave New World is the newest expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Civilization V by strategy developer Firaxis and continues on from Gods and Kings as tweaks to features from the original Civ V and adding new features such as Tourism and Ideologies. New Civilizations and corresponding leaders tie in with these new features focused around cultural growth to make

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It’s become quite obvious that the point and click adventures genres lacks a lot in recent years. There are only a few titles that really fill this once rich genre, but are these sorts of games falling on deaf ears. Over the years I’ve played my fair share of these titles, two of which included the 7th Guest, and the

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The game opens up with your death. You're a criminal turned detective who's chasing down a serial killer. But everything takes a turn for the worst, and now it's time to solve your own murder. It's time to take control and escape limbo by solving who the Bell Killer is.

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