Asura’s Wrath – Episode Pack: Part IV Review

Asura’s Wrath – Episode Pack: Part IV Review

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  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: CyberConnect2
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3
  • Release Date: April 24th 2012
  • Genre: Hack n' Slash
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The long-awaited DLC for Asura’s Wrath is now available to both Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, were you a bit annoyed at that cliffhanger at the end? Well, this should put that annoyance to an end, as this is the real ending to Asura’s Wrath and is a perfect way to finish off the game’s story, the Episode Pack comes packed with four new episodes to play and also adds an additional six extra achievements and trophies.


Some of the Audio has been reused, while there has been a couple of new tracks added, however the voice acting is still spot-on, you have the option to use either English or Japanese voices, I personally used the English, unlike some games that are dubbed to English, the voices really do suit the characters, there couldn’t be any better match, the actual background music is still to a very good quality, it could be something you’ll want the soundtrack for if you’re into video game music, the sound effects suit too, however they are nothing special, you’ll most likely notice these the most during the Quick Time Events.


The graphic style to this game is one of the most unique styles I have seen in games, it is done in 3D but is made out to look as if it’s hand drawn, you really see this in the textures of the character’s skins, the characters have realistic proportions but still keep that anime look to them, mainly seen in the eyes, the best way to describe it, is that it’s a mixture between Marvel and Shonen Jump, the texture glitch seems to have gone in this DLC expansion too, this happened in the original game where sometimes it took a while for the textures to appear on the character, there was also frame rate problems in some cut-scenes, but are no more in this DLC.

Before you start the episodes, there is some really nice artwork shown, these normally come with important information to the story, they are hand drawn, some are by different artists too and if you look closely, you might discover some Street Fighter characters, which is a hint to the next DLC scheduled for Asura’s Wrath.


The enjoyment of this story solely depends if you completed the original story, as it is the real ending, if you completed it, you would think the ending was a rather big cliffhanger, well that’s what it exactly was, it was to make room for this DLC, which would reveal the real ending, now this is very anime styled in itself as the way anime mostly goes in Japan, you would get to the final episode which you think is the end, but it turns out you have to wait a few months to actually get the grand finale, so the ending alone is enough reason to purchase this DLC pack if you enjoyed the story and were a bit disappointed with the original ending.

The story of this DLC adds a lot to the original story, after having defeated the Vlitra, Asura returns just to get his daughter took from him again, by a certain character that may have seemed like he had little to do with the story of Asura’s Wrath, but turned out to be the worst enemy out of them all, Asura must defeat this new enemy if he ever wants to see his daughter back and put an end to his wrath, the new enemy plans to save the world by ending it and then reviving it, this is just another reason why this enemy must be stopped!

The dialogue is really good as well, it’s not like your regular Japanese game where they come out with some of the most random lines, the dialogue gets to the point, we see more character development too, which is always a favorite of mines, the characters of this game are all very good, and not easily forgotten about, Asura and Yasha will be remembered in years to come hopefully.


While the actual gameplay of this is short, we see a variety of different types, including some new types of gameplay, it’s mainly a hack n’ slasher, the idea of the game is to keep attacking enemies until your Burst meter has risen to the maximum, then you use Burst and normally enter a Quick Time Event, this DLC has added some new parts to the Quick Time Events, you won’t be mashing one button as much as you did in the original game, so you’ll be happy about that, but the Quick Time Events are more varied this time and can be harder, this game uses a lot of Quick Time Events due to it being mostly about the story, so that would be the most of the gameplay you see, however, the DLC is mostly boss fights which is the most enjoyable part of Asura’s Wrath, for DLC it offers a lot of gameplay, some of which you fight new enemies or enemies that were in the original but now powered up to really give you a challenge.


One of the best DLC that I have purchased, it’s definitely worth the price it asks for, extra achievements and trophies or not, this DLC would have still been worth purchasing, mainly due to the importance of it, maybe it was so important, they should have included it in the original game? It is very important and for those who do not have an online connection to their consoles are missing out, mainly I think it was to keep the anime style they had, the DLC lasts about two to three hours at most, in this amount of time you would have gained all of the achievements or trophies, so it is a bit longer than the average DLC, but that depends on the player who plays it, for those who aren’t interested in earning the achievements or trophies, it should only last one hour.

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