Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations DLC – Review
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations DLC – Review Written by -
  • Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Developer: Mercury Steam Entertainment
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3 & PC
  • Release Date: March 25th 2014
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Hack n' Slash
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In the main game of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, you played as Dracula and in Revelations, you get the chance to play as his son, Alucard.  So is the DLC worth it? Read this review to find out!

Unlike the last game’s DLC, this isn’t actually required.  It is not the next chapter in the game, it is simply some back story on what happened before Lords of Shadow 2 starts.  Alucard wielding Crissaegrim, a sword instead of a whip already means there is some gameplay differences ahead.


Mainly just reused tracks from the original game here and the voice acting has still been done well.


The graphics are just as good as the original game.. there has been a couple of new environments added but no big changes.  Alucard’s design has been done really well, it is the design used in Mirrors of Fate and the short time you seen him slightly in the original game.  The DLC includes its own artwork to collect and view.  There hasn’t really been any new enemies added though.


The DLC is based before the events of Lords of Shadow 2, before Dracula wakes up.  Alucard has to make sure his father has success in what he plans to do so he makes sure to fix a few things that would keep his father from succeeding.  The story is actually really good and unlike the last game’s DLC it wasn’t made lazily where the cutscenes were just slightly moving pictures, these are full-fledged cutscenes, just like the main game.  This story isn’t as long though but it is long enough for DLC and what price it was.

Like the warnings say on PSN (and Xbox Live and Steam as well) before you buy the DLC, make sure to have cleared the original game first still as it does contain spoilers.


Since you are playing as Alucard, expect some changes.  Even with just normal combat, Alucard doesn’t use a whip in this game.  While some of the moves are similar, he does have his own unique move set to play with which only gets expanded as you play (like the original game you can purchase upgrades using experience points).

Alucard’s magic is also similar to Dracula’s, Glaciem heals your health with each attack while Igneas destroys armor and does higher damage.  However, Alucard keeps his original weapon all of the time, however this didn’t really bother me much, the DLC isn’t as long as the original game so having to spend your experience points among three different weapons wouldn’t really have helped.

Alucard also has different powers from Dracula, whereas Dracula had mist, projectiles and bats.  Alucard has Bat form, Spectral Wolf and Timeless Vision.  You’ll have to use each of these regularly to past the platforming and even during fights.

The DLC is actually fairly challenging at first, mainly because there is so much more platforming and you aren’t always sure of what to do.  There is more puzzles in this than there ever was in the main game although still fairly simple to figure out.. some of the time limits are a bit unfair though, you basically have to dash your way if there is any time limit on you.  And during a chase you had to do some quick thinking as you were being chased by a harpy, blood was rising up (this blood results in a death the moment it touches you).  That was maybe the only frustrating part of the DLC for me.


So is the DLC worth it? I would say yes.  It’s only $6.99/£4.79, so unlike the last game’s DLC it does seem like it has been priced more correctly.  It’s a good length and I haven’t even started into really doing any trophy hunting but I’ll say that would add-on another few hours on top of the few hours I already did playing through it (not using any help whatsoever).  If you liked the original game but felt like Alucard was hardly in it, then you will enjoy this DLC.

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