Grand Theft Auto 5: Review

Grand Theft Auto 5: Review

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  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360 & PS3
  • Release Date: September 17th 2013
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
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GTA 5 is one of the fastest selling games of this generation. This time around you’re in Los Santos. You have three new lead roles to fill, which is a new gameplay style for the GTA series. So how does GTA V hold up, is it really as good as everyone’s made it out to be, or is it a crime against nature?

Los Santos is a vibrant city filled with various activities, heists, missions and interactions of varied sorts. You will experience the high and lows of modern society, but how will you experience the world. Will you become the ultimate super criminal, or will you do your best to just get by and avoid as much confrontation as possible.


The cast of characters you meet about as varied as you can get. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are so different from each other personality wise, you will find something to love and hate about each of them. From start to finish you will get to experience three different storylines which intertwine with each other. Your main story missions will have you controlling each character on various heists, but outside of these missions you are free to do whatever you want with each character. You may even run into each other in the city while wandering around completing various side quests.


Los Santos is filled with plenty to see and do, and did I mention this is just the single player side of the game. We’ve not had a chance to get our hands on the multiplayer yet which releases early October of this year.


The audio in GTAV is extremely well-rounded and put together at the highest standard. Everything from the general interactions with the public, up to the meeting the various strangers and main story all have close attention to detail. All the voice acting and the sounds of the city all come together nicely to create a believable world.

You may run into the odd quirky line from one of the characters, or some things may seem out-of-place at times. But overall the voice cast, the world and everything you hear sounds amazing.


Graphically GTAV looks stunning. There’s various elements to dynamic lighting, detailed set pieces and incredible detail for the smallest things. It’s rare to see the slightest of details such as a piece of trash blowing down the street, but if you look hard enough it’s there. There are times where you will see the odd popping asset or texture, and some of the worlds graphics look a little odd at times. The same goes for frame rates dropping when there’s a lot of action, but it’s to be expected in such an expansive world. This is bigger than any previous GTA game, with a lot more detail. So seeing odd issues once in a while isn’t something you should be surprised about. The game may not be the most revolutionary on the graphics front, but it definitely gives you enough detail to create a stunning world.


If you’ve played a GTA title previously, you will know there are various elements to the storytelling with Rockstar titles. This is no different in GTA V where you have multiple varied storylines, but time time around you have three characters, all with different story elements. So one characters downtime is completely different to another. Each character has their own stories which cross over, which also leaves you to explore each characters extra story segments if you so choose to. This is an interesting take on how to play through the world until you’re forced to change to an alternative character, but you’re free to explore Franklin;s side quests at any point if you so wish. Or jump into Trevor’s demented world and run a rampage on the city.

Everyone, everywhere and everything you interact with has some sort of story element, even if it’s just bumping into strangers on the street, or interacting with store owners. There’s always something to do or interact with, which just shows the creative writing and depth to everything you see and do in the world of GTA.


Where do I begin, there’s so much to see and do. Your first interaction with the game will involve heisting a bank, which then progresses into the games main story with a slight introduction to two of the main characters Trevor and Michael. Then you’re quickly pushed into the main game world where you meet Franklin. All three characters control very differently, so every time you switch between each one offers something different. They all have their own abilities and side missions which cross over at times. But unless you’re progressing through the main story you can spend hours exploring the various activities.

With the amount to do you can pretty much get lost in the city and explore anywhere almost from the beginning of the game. As you progress you will unlock new activities which are related to each character. Aside from the activities, if you want you can run around the city stealing cars, taking in the sights or even run around trying to capture amazing photos using your cell phone. If that’s not enough you can go take a swim in the sea, take a boat for a ride or explore the coast on a jetski.

If that’s not enough you can spend the afternoon running down civilians, crashing into cars and running form the cops if it’s more your style. There is an almost endless amount of stuff to do in the city, but some of it does feel and become repetitive at times. If you’re looking to totally finish the game, it could take you upward of 100 hours to finish all the 100% requirements, and that doesn’t even cover the story portion of the title.

And onto the story, once you progress through the game you’re able to control all three characters while in the story missions, but they have set roles and you will find yourself pushed towards using one over the other. You don’t have too much choice who you’re using within the main story progression as they have set roles that you need to complete. But this isn’t always a bad thing as you get to experience different abilities and don’t find yourself locked into driving the whole time, or having to fly a chopper across half the island.

There may be times where you become overwhelmed or get a little lost as you’re not forced into any missions, but this is a formula that’s been part of the GTA series almost from the beginning. This may be a little daunting for new players to the series, but for veterans this is just second nature.  The one new adjustment that may take some players time to catch on with is using the D-Pad to control the various multitask items in the game. This is the only reason learning curve as there’s a lot to remember, but there are always onscreen prompts which will tell you what to do.

Overall there’s a lot to see and do in GTA V, so instead of me rambling on about the various features and so forth, you’re better off trying them for yourself.


So if GTAV worth your time?, if this isn’t one game you plan to buy this year, then you’re missing out. GTAV has once of the riches game experiences in recent years. Unlike previous games, there’s a lot more to see and do. And this just includes the single player portion of the game. As the online section hasn’t yet released, we have no comment on how Rockstar plan to introduced the online world to this already packed experience.

It’s quite difficult to sum up everything you can see and do in GTAV, but if you’re looking for a game to fill your time between this generation and the next, this would be the title to get your hands on.

When it comes to GTA titles, the hype almost destroys my opinion of this series as it goes beyond anything that game lives up to. This time around I managed to stay away from most of it, and I have to say going in with a fresh view and opinion really makes this title worth while.

10 9.0 9.5 10 9.0
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