Hatred: Review

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  • Publisher: Destructive Creations
  • Developer: Destructive Creations
  • Platform(s): Windows
  • Release Date: June 1st 2015
  • Genre: Shooter
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Hatred entered the lime line is a rather fantastically controversial way, but does it deserve a place in our gaming library’s?

You’re a nameless anti-hero set on punishing those who don’t deserve to live. You set out on your quest to take down various parts of society and cause mass havoc while on your way out the door.


Hatred is a simple isometric shooter which pits you up against a rather unsettling task of clearing your way through hordes of people while on your way to your main objective. If you didn’t already know, the people who stand between you and your goal are innocent people who’s lives unfortunately cross yours while you set out on a mass genocide murder spree.


You remain nameless, but your goal is simple, complete your objectives. So is it worth your time, lets find out.


At first the audio is something you don’t pay much attention to as it’s mostly gun fire and screams for help. The voice acting is gritty, harsh and comes of as corny due to how forceful it can be at times. The general audio tracks and sound effects are well enough done, they create at atmosphere of tense uneasy situations, though it tends to get drowned by on the screams of people and lots of gunfire.

I went out of my way to find the soundtrack as I wanted to give a decent listen. It’s an interesting mix of tones, it’s unsettling to listen to, and just adds more to the atmosphere of the game, but it’s just a small part of the audio when everything else over powers it.


The visuals are the most appealing thing about this title. They’re gritty and dark with a hint of color with explosions and the odd slash here and there. The world is detailed and players smoothly, though depending on your computer you may want to alter the settings a little for better performance.

The monochromatic visuals are a nice touch to the dark world, but after a while they started to give me a headache. So if you’re prone to headaches while gaming, you may want to take short breaks while playing.

Overall the visuals are quite appealing, through the game is mostly black and white. You see hints of blood, your map makers are red and your outlined objective view is also red. This has obviously been done for a reason, but it’s a little wearing on the eyes.


You’re given a gun, and your goal is to kill and complete various objectives to earn checkpoints. If you’re low on health you need to execute innocents or law enforcers. Once you’ve completed a few side quests and the main objective on the map you can proceed through to the next level.

The gameplay is simple, but the controls are stiff. Aiming and moving around feels like a chore at times, though once you’re out in the open moving around is smooth enough. You have access to a variety of weapons, such as grenades, molotovs, stun grenades, machines guns, pistols, shotguns and so on. The weapons work well and so what they’re intended for, but the interface for them seems to be hit and miss and kind of unclear at times. Also, expect to get annoyed with executions as if you’re using a weapon you like, it will be switched to the pistol. This can be extremely frustrating if there are large groups of law enforcement coming at you and you forget it’s switched.

Aside from the clunky controls the gameplay is fairly standard, it does what it’s meant to, though it’s very repetitive. If you’re playing this with a gamepad, you may also want to try the mouse and keyboard option as it’s a little smoother.

You will find the gameplay challenging, as I previously mentioned, you have to complete side objectives to earn checkpoints, and the law enforcement are relentless. So it’s easy to get caught off guard, or cornered. There’s some challenge which is nice, so if you like isometric shooters that test your patience and skill level, this may be worth your time.


The story, or should I say the lack there of is something I pushed to the side very quickly due to our anti-hero running his mouth so often about it. We know our goal, and having to listen to repeated at the start and end of every level starts to grind.

It’s as simple as that, you’re set on committing mass genocide because the human race is a disgrace. Just for the lack of any story telling or explanation, I’m not rating the story as it lacks too much to qualify a score.


Hatred generated a lot of negative press when it first showed its face. Since then everything went quiet and the game released.  So does it live up to all the controversial negative feedback?, not really. The subject matter is quite dark and takes you on a journey of mass genocide, but it just feels like any other game. The only difference here is your goal is to murder hundreds of innocent people, and a slew of cops, military and law enforcement with the end goal of killing everything that moves.

So what can you expect from this title?, well it’s your general isometric shooter, with some iffy camera angles and stuff control. The game’s short, repetitive and does a good job at throwing endless waves of cops/military at you. That being said, it’s an easy enough game to pickup and play. That being said, there will be developer ready for the community soon, so you can expect the game to expand far further than what the developers have shipped.

I went into this game with an open mind, and left it just as open-minded. Is this title worth your time and money?, as isometric shooters go, maybe for some. The subject matter doesn’t bother me, it’s a game after all. But I do feel this game’s a little high-priced for what’s on offer. The developers have done a good job in the short time, but there’s a lot of clean up needed to make this game enjoyable.

This isn’t a game I’d recommend to many, not because of the subject matter, but just because of the type of gameplay.

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