Lollipop Chainsaw: Review
Lollipop Chainsaw: Review Written by -
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
  • Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360 & PS3
  • Release Date: June 15th 2012
  • Genre: Hack n' Slash
  • Website: Visit Website

Lollipop Chainsaw is the newest in the hack n’ slash genre, it is brought to us by Grasshopper Manufacture. Also known for games like killer7 and No More Heroes. Which if you have ever played that game, you’ll maybe like this one too.


Although, even with the creators behind it, it’s rather hard to look past the really random story the game holds. Some of the cut-scenes show rather awkward scenes, so if story is what you’re after, you’re looking at the wrong game. However, the gameplay works, it’s not exactly like other hack and slash titles, so even gamers who aren’t into this genre will be able to enjoy this title. It’s a simple system, but saying that, gamers who are veterans of this genre may find it a bit easy and flat, but it’s not broken. The gameplay is probably something most players will look forward to in this game.



The audio is done well, both original sounds and songs from various artists are used in the game.  The voice acting is also done really well. Overall there is nothing too annoying in it. It really comes down to personal preference, but I preferred the original sounds compared to the songs that were used, but others may prefer the songs.


The graphics in the game aren’t bad at all, they are a mix between cell-shaded and realistic. There is a range of different environments, all based in the area where Juliet lives. All the characters look unique, none look the same as each other besides the survivors, which all look similar, but the main cast of characters all look very different to each other. The zombies also look very different, while there will be repeated ones, there are different types of zombies. Then there are boss ones that also look very different compared to each other.

The battles are nothing but blood and sparkles.With Juliet being a cheerleader with magical powers, would you expect anything else while she’s hacking and slashing her way through the zombie horde. This can look a little strange at times, but with the subject of the game being rather strange to begin with, this just adds to the overall experience.


If you came looking for a masterpiece of a story, you probably won’t find it here. The story of Lollipop Chainsaw is rather random, it’s about a high school cheerleader known as Juliet, and the day the game is based on happens to be her 18th birthday. Juliet, along with her whole family hides a secret, she’s a zombie hunter. Her boyfriend has no idea of this, mainly because Juliet didn’t want him to think she was weird, speaking of her boyfriend, he’s a head. As random enough as that is, but there is a good reason for this.

Anyway, since it is based on Juliet’s birthday, along with all these zombies just randomly appearing, she really just wants to get home and start the party. She’s pretty much your standard cheerleader stereotype minus the zombie hunting of course, although she appears to be smart, and as the game title suggests, she likes lollipops. And also wields a chainsaw. She has two sisters who she thinks very highly of which are are also zombie hunters. She has an older one and a younger one but technically, the oldest is the most mature out of them all, while the youngest one is the most destructive.

So the story is all based in the one day, which makes this sound like a really short game, which it is. Most of which is gameplay with minimal use of cut-scenes. During the missions Juliet will chat with her boyfriend, but it really doesn’t add much to the story. It just explains what Juliet’s character is like, and well, she clearly likes chatting a lot, and some of the things she comes out with are rather random and aren’t often about the zombies all over the place. It’s mostly just random chatting that would usually happen if there wasn’t chaos all over the place. By the time the first mission was over, I already figured that the story isn’t going to have much of a point to it. So to compare it with a similar game, Bayonetta’s story has more of a point compared to this one, and that’s saying something.

Overall, the story isn’t bad, if you expected to have an awesome story, you will probably be disappointed. Just don’t expect too much and you’ll enjoy it. It’s short so it doesn’t go on for too long.


This will be the main attraction to the game as it’s the big high point. It may be a bit easier compared to most hack n’ slashes though. I completed the game within four hours, only deaths I had were mistakes within Quick Time Events. I found it overall a very easy game, the only challenge was maybe beating Dad’s Score on the leaderboards. But even then, it’s not that challenging if you bring the zombies together in groups instead of killing them off one by one.

Juliet has a light and heavy attack. These attacks can be chained together to make combos which leads to points.  With the points you unlock upgrades as you progresses through the game. The chainsaw can eventually be used as a gun as well as a motorcycle. You will find that you will be using the chainsaw as your primary weapon though.

Outside of the normal combat, the boss fights are the most fun thing in the game. They’re like these special zombies that are some kind of stereotype. The first one is a punk, he’ll attack you with letters and electric. There is three parts to each of the boss fights and they all are played differently, but they don’t offer much of a challenge.I found that they were all easy to figure out, but it was more fun than just fighting the regular zombies.

The missions are based in different areas of Juliet’s tow. Her own High School is taken over by zombies and there’s even a farm. The player can purchase extra costumes and upgrades for Juliet, which can be found in shops that appear in the missions.

The game also has a ranking system where players have the choose between Score Attack and Time Attack. Their scores also get uploaded to the leaderboards on XBL/PSN. With these modes the players cannot die otherwise they won’t complete the mode, so in a way it’s a bit of a challenge, but the game isn’t that hard.


Lollipop Chainsaw is a fun enough game, but you really want to wait until it lands in the sales. It’s not worth the full retail price since it’s that short. It was one of those games that had far too much hype, and yet when it came out, it was ignored. Which is a shame as it is a decent enough game. There are a few laughs, but that doesn’t really matter as the story doesn’t make sense. The gameplay was really fun, despite being so easy.

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