Marvel VS. Capcom: Origins: Review

Marvel VS. Capcom: Origins: Review

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  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Platform(s): Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network
  • Release Date: September 26th 2012
  • Genre: Fighter
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Marvel VS. Capcom: Origins is a collection of both Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel VS. Capcom.  These are the games that started the highly popular Marvel VS. Capcom series. 

These were the first Capcom cross-over games.  Capcom have a brave few VS series, but it all started with Marvel.  Marvel Super Heroes isn’t really a cross-over game, it’s based off Marvel alone.  There is maybe one hidden Capcom character thrown in there, but that’s it.  It’s not a VS game.  Marvel VS. Capcom on the other hand has a variety of characters from each franchise.  It also uses the same challenge system what Street Fighter III Third Strike Online used.


You may notice a few tracks that sound like they’re in Marvel VS. Capcom 3, this is what the original tracks sounded like.  Some may be different as they were changed.  But most are noticeable.  There is some voice work but there isn’t much.  These are both very old games so the only time you hear any voices is when they come in to fight and when they are doing specials or supers.  Overall, the audio is good.  Some of it may be a bit repetitive though.


The graphics are colorful and very detailed.  Marvel Super Heroes is probably my favorite out of the two for graphics.  Even though it’s the older game I just found it’s graphics more appealing.  You have different settings too.  You can play as if you were at an Arcade Cabinet with a curved screen and scan lines, although I recommend to play using the boulders with challenges.  You can have smoothing on.  But like all these classic releases, I believe smoothing removes a lot of the detail so I prefer crisp in that way.


The amount of story you are going to get with these games are endings.  These last about one minute.  This is the way with most fighting games.  Although the endings are quite good.  Each character has one, you get the endings from playing through the arcade modes.  Marvel Super Heroes endings uses pictures while Marvel VS. Capcom’s plays around with the sprites.


Since there is two games here, there is two different types of gameplay.

Marvel Super Heroes uses a gem system.  Similar to Street Fighter X Tekken’s actually.  Players can pick up gems during rights and do a quarter circle backwards and then press two punches to activate the gem power.  Each character has different effects depending which gem they have.  For example, if a player activates the Power gem while using Wolverine.  He’ll be able to do more combos as he will have few different sprites at this time.  Or if a player activates the Reality gem with Blackheart, they can turn invisible.  Players also have supers and specials to use.

Marvel VS. Capcom probably offers the most in this section as it’s the newer game out of the two.  Players choose two characters then randomly select an assist.  So it’s a bit different from the modern Marvel VS. Capcom whereas assists are your two partners and you play as three characters.  It also introduces an Easy Mode, this means easier specials and easier hypers, so in other words, it’s the Simple Mode from Marvel VS. Capcom 3.  Players are actually limited to the assists they can do and their assist character changes each match.  Assist characters are randomly selected so you don’t really know who you’re going to get.  It also has Team Hyper Combos, these are not unlike the ones we have today.  Where all the characters from the team come out and do their hypers at once.

There is also Online, so now players can play these games online against each other.  There is also the local multiplayer if online isn’t really your thing.


So is it worth it? For the price and the fact that it is two games, I find it really worth it.  Considering Capcom could have opted to sold them separate.  It will last you a good while if you plan in going for all the achievements.  Maybe not if you’re not into that.  If you want to learn more about the history of the Marvel VS. Capcom series or if you’re just a Marvel fan, it will be a worthwhile purchase.  Try the trial if you’re not too sure if it’s worth getting or waiting for sales.

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