Metro: Last Light The Faction Pack Review

Metro: Last Light The Faction Pack Review

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  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: 4A Games
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  • Release Date: July 16th 2013
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Shooter
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The Faction is the first DLC add-on for Metro: Last Light. You take control of three factions which have different roles in the Metro. These roles vary depending on who you’re playing as, but there’s quite a distinctive contract between all three. So how does this first expansion fair?

If you’re already played through the game, you know what to expect from Metro and its following content. There’s nothing that doesn’t feel out-of-place, or alien. But you will experience some new weapons, characters, and find out a little more about the Factions in the Metro.


You can play as either a sniper, heavy weapons expert, or a scavenger which is set over three different missions and three different factions. These all have different gameplay styles, and offer slightly different experiences.


Audio plays a far bigger role in this DLC compared to others parts of the main game. Being quiet for the sniping mission is a must, where as you can go crazy on the heavy weapons mission. But the scavenger missions you’re given a choice. There’s an interesting balance between what you see and hear, but the audio production hasn’t been left behind. All the voice acting and characters fit perfectly, and there’s still the in-depth dialogs you would expect from the main story weaved in.

The game’s audio is one of the most atmospheric, and this DLC continues to impress with its audio.


The visuals match the original title perfectly, there’s nothing out-of-place and the DLC runs just fine. You may encounter the odd graphical glitch from time-to-time, but nothing that will ruin your gaming experience. Each area you enter has its own style and design, depending on what area you’re in.


Each story is very straight forward, mainly for the fact that you’re completing just one objective with each character you’re playing as. There’s very little story to explore, but there’s enough to give it a richness needed to make the areas interesting enough to enjoy. The depth may not be as rich as the original game story, but delving into the lives of other Metro dwellers is interesting and shows you there’s more to the Metro than just fighting mutants.


After playing through Last Light, you will know what to expect this time around gameplay wise. But instead of progressing through more of Artyom’s story, you get to experience a point of view from three factions within the game. There are three new missions, sniping, heavy weapons and a scavenger hunt. Each faction has its own style of gameplay, where as you need to sneak through one level, the other you’re using heavy weapons to hold of a horde of enemies. And the final one has you looking through the wasteland for artifacts to preserve the old world.

As you would expect, the DLC plays just like the main game, aside from your forced into three set roles which have a set gameplay style to them. There’s not too much more to explain without ruining each mission you’re given, but this is an interesting take on what you’ve previously had to do within the Metro world.


The Faction pack is the first piece of content for Season Pass holders for Metro Last Light. Or the first DLC expansion for the game for others who’re avoiding season passes. Overall this small addition is a nice look into the alternative factions in the Metro, but it’s only a slight extension of what it could have been. There’s not much to see or do in the three faction missions, but you’re giving new weapons to play with, and new objectives outside of Artyom’s general story.

I consider this to be a short but sweet addition, but I was expecting far more from this. If you’re looking for a cheap add-on to your game’s story, then these packs are worth it for the fact you get to enjoy something slightly different in the Metro world.

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