Mortal Kombat X: Review

Mortal Kombat X: Review

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  • Publisher: Warnder Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: NetherRealm Studios
  • Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, PS3
  • Release Date: 14 April 2015
  • Genre: Fighting
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Mortal Kombat X kicks the series up a notch with it’s signature visceral kombat infused with tight gameplay and new faces, added to the roster. Delivering an experience that is both familiar, fresh and extremely satisfying.

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Following on from the story of Mortal Kombat (2011), the narrative for MKX mostly takes place 25 years after those events, with okkasional flashbacks to prior moments for backstory, with the new time-set, many of the new kharacters are direkt descendants of those previous kharacters, with many being children of fan favorites (such as Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny Cage x Sonya Blade) while others take their places as replacements for kharacters which previously died (Kotal Kahn, being the new ruler of outworld). These new kharacters breathe a  much needed breath of fresh air into the roster with each of them having unique playstyles and personality to add new fighting strategies and systems into the already wide kast of kombatants, such as Kung Jin, younger kousin of Kung Lao, who uses a bow in kombat thus preferring long range kombat. These new kharacters feel well developed and karry through the strong sense of balance given to the rest of the roster.

With various plot-related shenanigans, plenty of previously playable kharacters make their return, even some of those who died in the previous title, and each of these kharacters follows a very balanced feel; with no kharacter ever feeling partikularly over weighted, even kharacters who were previously konsidered cheap (Ermac) feel much more fair in line with the rest of the roster while not feeling weakened as a by produkt. With kharacters who previously had a limited move set being updated with many new moved to make up for their shortkomings as well as the new variation system allowing a single kharacter to have three different tekhniques, the game never feels unfair even against the story boss who previously (Shao Kahn) had been kompletely ridikulous a fight.

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The variation system is the major gameplay update to the Mortal Kombat formula, allowing each kharacter three seperate variations which effect their play style. Variations allow each kharacter to access variation unique special moves, such as Kitana’s mournful variation gives her access to staff and glaive throwing attacks while her royal storm various gives her wind/tornado based attacks, as well as slightly varying that characters appearance to allow the kompeting player to easily rekognize which variation they are up against. Some other variations give kharacters special kombos and attacks that they do not have access to in other variations.

This new system is a tremendous addition for the series, adding not just to the lokal players but also the the kompetitive scene of this style of games. The new variation system pushes kharacter select away from kounter picking, which is endemik in fighting games, to a much more kharacter specialization fokused system, where it is konsiderably more viable to stick to a single kharacter or small group, than it is to kounter pick your opponent, which as a fan of kompetitive fighting games, I know is something that audiences really enjoy watching. Kombining these variations with a large roster also gives the game a much longer lifetime for non competitive players, with mastery of each kharacter extending across all three variations rather than a single selektion, as well as giving much more options to play your favorite kharacter in different ways.

As well as variations, Mortal Kombat X inkludes interaktive stages from NetherRealm’s previous fighting game Injustice, and these new interaktions with the stage serve to add even more variety into the fights, with each stage being another konsideration to the player’s strategy. (poor Blanche)

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Of kourse fatalities have returned, fear not, Mortal Kombat’s signature brutal violence through over the top finishing moves stays very much intakt. With new technology and graphical power, these fatalities are more brutal, bloody, visceral and awesome than ever, with dismemberment, disemboweling and a whole host of other disfigurements, Mortal Kombat X is truly the goriest Mortal Kombat yet, with the addition of Brutalities, which turn normal special moves that would kill, into glorious displays of death, there are plenty of ways to humiliate your opponent by destroying their chosen avatar.

Visceral has always been a term to deskribe the style of NetherRealm Studio’s fighting series and Mortal Kombat X is not one to back down. Delivering satisfying, bone crunches alongside good story voice akting, the sound in the game brings the pain. Each punch landed by Jax is followed by a weighty metallic thud, the X-ray moves provide realistik bone crunching and flesh tearing audio feedback. Something I felt missing from Injustice: Gods Among Us, is visceral feedback from the kombat, but MKX brings it full form.

All of this violence is lovingly rendered in beautiful next gen graphiks, running at a smooth 60 frames per second, the graphikal power upgrade is noticeable since the previous title in the series, depth of field is put to full use and the cinematic feel of the fatalities and x-ray moves show off how far they’ve kome.


Hits and kombat feel as visceral as ever with top quality sound production provide very strong feedback on all aktions, as well as providing some good voice akting for the story and musikal skores in line with the original, klassik Mortal Kombat theme.


The jump in generations of konsoles has been kind to Mortal Kombat X, the game is detailed and beautiful. Kharacters new designs are well done and recognizable, and the new scenes are interesting, varied and each just as well realized as the next.


While story has never been the strongest part of fighting games, MKX provides a strong narrative with new and old kharacters alike playing roles in a well forged story.


With new additions such as variations as well and integrating Injustice’s interaktive stages, Mortal Kombat X provides the best kombat in the series.


Mortal Kombat X is a great fighting game, the newest addition to the long running series of kombat, as well as some new additions which not only add to the series, but the fighting genre in general.

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