R.I.P.D: The Game Review
R.I.P.D: The Game Review Written by -
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Developer: Old School Games
  • Platform(s): XBLA, PS3 & PC
  • Release Date: July 17th 2013
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Website: Visit Website

R.I.P.D: The Game is a movie tie in which has you playing as the two cops from the movie, Roy or Nick. Apon Nick’s death he finds himself being hired to be part of the R.I.P.D to help gather bad souls and bring them back to the afterlife. Does R.I.P.D manage to tie into the world well, or does it need to be locked away and never spoken of again?

R.I.P.D: The Game is a fully online co-op horde mode style game where you face off against waves of enemies until you reach the big criminal at the end of each encounter. After taking down the criminal, you then need to decide if you arrest them, or kill them. You will find yourself fighting various waves of enemies through several different maps. Each map as its own layout, design and style.


This is a very basic game which follows the general shooter rules with a few twists. Everything you would expect is in there from the standard, run, five, roll and shoot. But there are also a few mechanics such as the ability meter which allows you to use your kills as a progression to assist you. This will allow you to heal, drop a turret, or use a mighty force to kill off groups of enemies quickly.


You do have some game progression where you need to collect the gold loot dropped by the enemies in the game. Once the meter is full you will encounter Hayes, which is the end boss for the title. You will need to buy guns, upgrades and progress. Just be warned, that you do need an internet connection to play this title. You will also need access to online features to play it.


The audio for this title is just as you would expect, fairly average with some music thrown in. There’s little to no voice acting, and little hints of music here and there. The music you do here is well produced, but you will hear the same looping audio a lot while playing through the game and menu screens.

Overall the game’s audio isn’t bad at all, there’s just¬† not a lot to comment on as there’s little to no talking aside from the short introduction to the game which has some narration and a slideshow of comic strip style frames.


Visually the game isn’t bad. The areas you are set in vary, and each have their own style. There’s also quite a lot of detail for such small areas, and the general graphics aren’t too bad at all. The performance on the other hand is hit and miss. There’s no screen tearing to speak of, but there’s a lot of frame rate issues when there’s a lot going on. This doesn’t happen too often, but it’s there. So if you happen to unleash some of your special abilities with a large crowd of enemies, the game may slow down for a moment or so.

One thing that I do really like is this title is the menu screens. This may sound odd, but it’s nice to see a title screen which has some interactivity to it. Once you select options you fly through the comic book frames to the next section which. This is a nice attention to detail, which a lot of developers pass up on.


There’s a very basic story tied into this which involves you killing “Deados” as they’ve started looting gold and lots of it. You mission from here is to kill as many as possible, collect their gold loot to bring out the boss after you’ve collected enough. The story is simple enough, it lays down the basics as to why you’re killing hordes of enemies, but that’s all you’re given to run with.

There’s some writing for the characters in the game as well, but it’s just odd things they say at the end of a round or on completing an objective. It’s hard to tell if they’re sound bites, or audio recorded for the game it’s self, but there’s not much talking going on.


The gameplay with this title is simple enough, kill the bad guys, collect the loot and progress. There are various challenges to be completed with your co-op partner as well in the form of bets. You can progress through buying weapons and collecting the gold loot dropped from enemies. Doing so will fill a gold meter which will allow you to progress to the boss.

Aside from that there’s not too much else to comment on, the gameplay is fairly general like most third person shooting titles. You do have the added ability meter which fills as you kill enemies. Once filled you can then unleash your earned abilities to ease the pain of fighting the droves of enemies that are sent to attack you.

One of the biggest let downs with this title is with some of the design choices. If you come across huge enemies, or enemies with doors, they will continue to knock you to the floor blocking you from getting up. This can be extremely tedious unless you can manage to spam the dodge button which doesn’t always work while getting up. This is a small issue that can totally ruin the experience if you have several of these enemies around you.

The main real issue with this title though is the community behind it. More often than not, the other player you’re joined up with will decide to quit half way through the game because they’re doing poorly or get bored. If this happens, you will not be rewarded with anything aside from a summary screen telling you that you’ve earned nothing. This is something I’ve always hated in multiplayer games since if you do really well, you don’t get rewarded for it. The end result of someone quitting should punish the person quitting, not everyone else. If you’ve done well, then you should be rewarded for your progress up to that point.

If this glaring issues can be corrected then this title would be a lot more enjoyable. So be warned, if you want to enjoy this title to it’s fullest, play it with a friend.


R.I.P.D: The game is a good way to kill a few hours if you have nothing better to do, but for what you’re paying it may seem a little steep. There’s not too much content to be had, and as this game is a fully online co-op game, it’s more than likely that this games multiplayer will be dead within a month. As this is a movie tie in, you probably wouldn’t expect too much to begin with, but there’s fun to be had, so if you’re interested in playing a co-op arena horde mode, then check this out. There’s not much of a story, so your main goal is to mow down as many enemies as you can to earn enough gold to progress to the boss fight.

If you do plan to buy this though, make sure you have at least one friend who is willing to play it with you. The online community is full of quitters that ruin the experience. There’s many instances where you reach the end and the other player will quit on you and you will be rewarded with nothing. Overall, this title can be fun, you just need to find the right person to play it with.

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