Resident Evil 6: Review
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  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC
  • Release Date: October 2nd 2012
  • Genre: Action
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Resident Evil returns with it’s sixth major installment to the series, but what does the game really hold in store for future players of the series?. Over the years Resident Evil has changed and evolved from a survival horror series into an action packed Hollywood style blockbusters. Capcom have drastically changed the direction of the series, but has this new direction but has this caused the series to take a turn for the worse?

Resident Evil 6 doesn’t just give you a single story experience this time around, but four. You will be given five chapters for each character which range in length depending on who you’re playing as. This unique take on the story has you playing as previous characters from the game’s series, as well as introducing some new characters for you to play as along side the main story.

Each character has their own play style and weapon selection, so you will need to play each character at least once to get the full experience out of how the game is played, but this isn’t a requirement unless you’re looking to 100% the game with everyone and everything.

Unlike the previous installments of Resident Evil this one is heavily action based, so you may or may not enjoy the new turn for the series. So if you’re an avid horror game fan, this may not be the title for you, but the game has a lot to offer in the way of different play styles. Even though it’s not the typical Resident Evil everyone has grown to love.


Just like with every other Resident Evil game, the audio is of a high standard, the music and sound effect all sound clear and fit the moment. The music this time around it a little different and more upbeat but this ties into the overload of action scenes throughout the game. Most of the voice acting is up to the standard you would expect as well, though there are a few choice lines of dialog which just seem out of place, or somewhat cheesy. But with how the rest of the game ties together, falling short in this department with a few choice lines of dialog isn’t the biggest issue.


The games visuals and graphics are one of the game’s highlights. All the environments have been extremely well crafted, even though you seem them multiple times through the campaigns, they all have their own feel and sense of where you are. At times the game experiences drops in frame rate, blurry and pixellated textures. But unless you’re paying extremely close attention to the environment around you this won’t be and issue and won’t distract you from what’s going on.

Without ruining the game’s story you will find yourself crossing paths with the other characters campaigns on a regular basis, which is a nice touch which will also allow you to interact with other players in the game world. There’s not much to say about the story without ruining it, but just keep in mind that it doesn’t tie into the previous games as well as it probably should.


Unlike previous games, this one has four different story lines which cross over and interact with each other. This also allows for other players to enter your game at set points when there are multiple characters in certain areas. This idea gives you a sense of other players in the Resident Evil world which is a nice touch, but it serves no merit other than to help other players at set points.

Even though there are four story lines, they won’t start to make sense until you unlock the last one and complete all the others. So you may find yourself somewhat confused to what is going on. There is also little to no back story to the new characters in the game other than odd hints. All the main characters are explained well, but the two new comers have very little explanation.

The story overall isn’t the most compelling, though there are a few twists, but most players may want more of a tie in to the previous games and stories which other than the Virus, seems to be very sparse at best.


To start this off, the series has changed a lot with the introduction of Resident Evil 5. The series turned more towards action than horror, and this title has followed up even further with action being the key element to the gameplay. Each campaign starts off roughly the same with it’s own feel, but then it turns into a brawl of jump between various covers while shooting at mutations and laborious boss fights.

The controls are far from perfect, and you will find that you lock in and out of cover while moving around the various spaces while trying to avoid being shot at. If you’re too close to a wall while trying to aim with the left trigger you will find yourself locking in and out of cover on the wall rather than being able to shoot at the enemies in front of you. Your movements are also very clunky which they shouldn’t be as the gameplay has been turned into a third person action shooter.

There have been improvements with additions of cross hairs, though you will probably want to change them to the laser sights as the cross hair is extremely off when shooting. You will encounter a lot of new enemies not seen in the RE series before such as zombies that scream, puke at you and big tank like zombies which will smash you into the ground. These new enemies types change the gameplay slightly, but they’ve also added that zombies can use weapons in a limited form, and now allow them to run, jump and attack you in new ways. The mutations you encounter on the other hand, are much like the previous installments. They’re big, powerful and won’t go down without a fight.

In total you have 20 chapters to explore and seven characters to play as. Each character has their own storyline as well as prospective on what’s happening. This is a nice change of pace due to each characters traits, but you will find yourself replaying chapters over-and-over with each character because all their storylines cross. So expect to see the same cut-scenes with slight additions and then having to play a slightly different part of the same areas you’ve explored before.

With the gameplay, you also get two multiplayer modes. One is mercenaries mode which allows you to fights hordes of zombies and mutations for points. You can also bring a friend to the fight. You can use these points to level up your character perks. This has been done before with the previous Resident Evil, but it works well and you will get what you expect out of it.

The other mode you’re able to unlock is agent mode. This mode allows you to invade other people’s games as various random creatures. Your main goal is to kill the player(s) while they’re trying to progress through the story. This can be quite entertaining to begin with, but the novelty wears off fairly quickly and your reward for killing other players is too little to make this a sustainable source of points.


If you’re an avid Resident Evil fan you may want to skip this installment of Resident Evil. The game may not offer hardcore fans what they’re looking for, but new comers may find this title more to their liking than the older games in the series. Unlike the previous titles, this one is more tailored to the masses rather than the core fans of the franchise. Even though you have four different story lines to playthrough, they all mash together and feel somewhat the same. You will find yourself becoming a last action hero rather than having the key horror features that previous games have had.

This doesn’t really make the game bad, but it’s definitely not the Resident Evil we’ve all grown up with over the past 10 years. If you’re looking for a raging action game with lots of explosions and over the top heroic actions, then this is the title you will want to play. But if you’re after the typical zombie horror you may want to avoid this title all together as you will only see this within the first half of chapter one in Leons campaign.

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