• Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Developer: Undead Labs
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360 & PC
  • Release Date: November 29th 2013
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Strategy & Simulation
  • Website: Visit Website
  1. Audio 8.0
  2. Graphics 7.0
  3. Story N/A
  4. Gameplay 8.0
7.5 Overall Score
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State of Decay: Breakdown DLC Review

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State of Decay brought us a world of uncertainty, survival and morals which followed a a group of survivors who were just trying to get away from the horrible situations they’re in. So does Breakdown bring us everything we’ve been craving in the survival world? How long will you survive…


Breakdown is the first DLC to be released for State of Decay. Your goal is to survive has long as humanly possible with the resources provided. This may sound like the end game which had recently been patched into the main title, but it has some differences which allow you to keep progressing through varied difficulties as you try to survive.

You’re giving some story progression just to get you going and give you a goal, but aside from reaching an RV and bailing out of your situation, you’re then thrown into a much harsher situation. You play as a random survivor, which sets you up to unlock other survivors in the game mode. You need to complete various challenges to unlock new survivors to start with, but this will come with progression and if you aim to unlock them all.


The DLC doesn’t appear to have any new audio, so what you see and hear is the same stuff from the main game. Everything’s still at a high standard, just don’t’ expect anything new.


There’s no change in the graphics over the general release, though if you’re playing the PC versions there’s going to be a slight difference in the games performance and visual quality. You’re playing on the same game map, use the same assets and the same usual quickly bugs are still there. But the game plays just fine, the only real downside is you may suffer from fatigue if you’ve played this game a lot already. Nothing has really changed, you’re dumped in the middle of the map and told to find a town.

So if you’re playing this on consoles, you can expect the same issues as before in place with iffy frames and various visual glitches such as texture and asset popping. These are slightly annoying when you’re in a built up area, but it doesn’t take much away from the game experience.


There’s no story tied to this DLC, you’re stranded and need to find a way to move on. You’re then told to find an RV. From here, you can move on at any point to a harder set of zombies and start over with more resources. This is a true sandbox survival experience, with the odd break if you so choose to progress using the RV when needed.


As this starts out, you know what to expect, though if you’re like me and have taken a bit of a break from the main title, you will find that coming back to this DLC is quite a shock. The general gameplay is the same as the initial release, but there’s a few more additions to the gameplay. Instead of the game just being endless until you run out of supplies and resource areas. You’re given a way to progress further in the survival element without running to a point where you can no longer survive. There are now a serious of progressive levels which you can take part in. They start out much like what you’re used to. But once you board the RV, you will then progress to a much tougher situation.

If you’re content with how the game ends, and just plan on digging around the world on and off to see how long you can survive, then this DLC may not be for you. But the added gameplay of difficulties and new character unlocks and progression. This really is for a true fan of the series who wants to challenge themselves further outside of the general game difficulty. As you would expect, the gameplay is much the same as the general release, but it has an added difficulty.


If you’re a huge fan of State of Decay, there’s no reason not to buy this, for others. You may want to pass, but it depends on your stance with the game. It’s nice to finally have a mode which will test your skills and how well you manage your progression. This mode is basically an extension of the survival endgame aspect, so there’s no story, just survive for as long as possible. Then if you feel you’ve achieved enough on your current level, you can progress to the RV, then radio home that everyone should board and progress to the next stage of difficulty.

This DLC may not be for everyone, but it’s worth the time if you’re looking to extend your gameplay and give yourself a challenge. So if you’ve mastered State of Decay, but you’re craving more. Pick this up and see how long you can survive.