Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Review
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  • Publisher: NAMCO
  • Developer: NAMCO
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360, Playstation 3
  • Release Date: September 14th 2012
  • Genre: 3D Fighter
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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is finally here, has it lived up to the hype or is it a let down? Hopefully this review lets you know.  Tekken Tag Tournament is actually a spin-off series, that means story does not matter.  Characters that have been killed off or they have just simply disappeared for unknown reasons are back.  Now not everyone is, but when you think of it, does this game really need anymore characters? The roster is huge, possibly the biggest roster of this generation of consoles to be seen in a fighting game.  This also doesn’t touch the original story, besides looking at a character’s background, but you really don’t have to be following the story to jump into this.  Everyone can just jump in and have some fun.

Compared to the last Tekken Tag Tournament (which is probably over 10 years old now..), we see a huge difference in this.  New mechanics have been added to the tag system.  Solo play has been added, so even if you don’t like the tag system, there is still something there for you.  Nearly every character from previous games have been added in the roster, we see the likes of Jun Kazama, P-Jack, Alex etc, all characters we have not seen in ages.  Along with that, the main person behind all of this, Harada, has said more times than enough that all future character DLC will be free.  Expect the already huge roster to increase, currently there is ten known DLC characters coming.  Four or two of them are already available to those that pre-ordered the game.


The audio is very techno styled, not a new thing for Tekken.  It has had that music style in it for ages now.  As well as that we also have other audio styles too.  There is also remixes, for example anyone who played Tekken 2 remember the audio of the stage you fought Alex/Roger in? That’s on the Eternal Paradise stage.  We also get more recent remixes as well.  Don’t like any of the audio the game has offered so far? Using Tekken Tunes you can import your own audio into the game, so you can make the audio sound as good as you want it too.

The voice acting is also good.  You may not notice it too much during gameplay but it’s noticeable in Endings and Fight Lab.  Tekken characters come from all sorts of different regions, so there is multiple languages being used.  Players cannot set to what language they prefer, which is maybe a downfall for players who prefer everything to be in English and not like reading subtitles.  Not much you can do about that, it’s just been part of Tekken for a while now.  All voices suit each character, it has been very well done in that way. 


First off, the graphics have made a huge improvement since Tekken 6.  Everything looks so much more real.   All of the environments look really good, along with that, if it has dirt or water in it.  The character will get messed up which just makes it look even more realistic.

Movies have separate graphics which are a lot better in quality again.  There is different styles too, this is noticeable in the endings.  During Fight Lab, players see animated drawn art being used in cutscenes.  Overall the game looks very nice.  As well as that, you can customize the characters whatever way you wish to and add custom banners.


Since I already stated this is a spin-off and does not affect the main story at all, don’t be expecting too much in this area.  The story of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is done with individual character endings, you can unlock these by completing Arcade with that character or by playing Ghost Battles and playing against the player that has a gold banner, that normally means they have some kind of reward.  Overall these aren’t too much, they last about 2-3 minutes each.  There is a mixture of serious and funny ones.  Nothing in these apply to the main story though, you can apply them if you wish though, so it’s up to the player.

Fight Lab has its own story, even know it’s only the tutorial mode, there is a story there.  I have so far came to the conclusion that it’s like a prequel to Tekken 4, so something like this can be taken into the main series’ story.

So far, I have liked the endings, so I’m not giving this too low of a score.  I didn’t have high expectations of the story myself, but compare it to the original Tekken Tag Tournament’s story endings and you’ll definitely prefer this one.

There isn’t actually a direct story to this game, there is no campaign.  It is focused more on gameplay.


This is what most players are interested in.  Everyone wants to know how easily it is accessed for newcomers.  Well, there is the newly added Fight Lab mode whereas players who are new, can go into and learn how to play the game.  Fight Lab mode consists of lessons and boss battles.  First of all, it teaches you how to do stuff, it’ll make you repeat this a few times so it knows you have the hang of it.  Then you enter a boss battle which you use what you have just learned, it is a really unique and fun way a tutorial mode has ever been done.  While it may not be needed for veteran players of the series, its something beginners definitely need to check out.  After that is done, you can always go into Practice Mode and study further using resources off the internet, or simply making up your own combos.  You can also learn how to counter certain moves by setting the opponent up with a move that they will do and you have to find a way to defend against it.  The game is going to take some time to learn, which will put off some players.  It can also just be played for general fun, so there is something there if you are more of a casual gamer and won’t have time for all this training.

After players learn the game or if it’s veterans of the series, players can go into all the different kind of modes now.  There is the standard Arcade mode, where players go through 9 stages.  The difficulty of this mode may seem a bit daunting for beginners, it starts off easy, but by the time players have reached the end boss, the difficulty has been hyped up a ton.  If you don’t notice, the arcade mode uses Ghost characters, players can actually make their own ghosts.  However none of these are player made and they are only CPU so they do have their flaws.

Then there is Time Attack Mode, this is another run of Arcade, but this time you are going for the fastest time possible.  Survival Mode, players fight until they get KO’ed, this mode can literally go on forever depending how good the player is, however this Survival Mode uses the tag features so there is some extras there compared to the standard Survival Mode.  And Ghost Battle, this mode is sort of like an online mode but it’s offline.  You’re fighting random made up people and ranking up your favorite characters.  There is also Versus which if you’re having friends over or whatever, you can play and just have some fun.

For online, players can play either Ranked or Player matches.  This depends on the player but online play will offer veterans even more gameplay.  So far, it’s full of them.  The online of this will go on for a long time so it’s what will keep the game going for some people.  But simply to do good with it, you have to practice.  Every-time you look for a match, you are given a bit of time to practice while the game tries to find the best connection for you.  It’s best to take this time to practice your juggling and input of moves.

It also includes Leaderboads and Tekken Channel. Leaderboards are just like any other game’s, so there isn’t too much to explain in that area.  Tekken Channel allows you to watch replays, see where your mistakes were or the other players.  It’s also a good way to learn a character, watch how a master plays them and try to learn them yourselves.

There is also a newly released World Tekken Federation, it’s a website used for tracking, making clans and so on.  It also has forums which will probably get fulled up with useful tips so it’s something I definitely recommend to sign up for, it’s completely free too.


So Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has lived up to the hype I had for it.  I followed it from the Arcade days, played the Prologue game and finally the full game is now here.  I know this is going to sound a bit crazy, but I think this is going to be the best fighter we see in this generation of consoles, with all it offers straight from the start it’s going to be hard for another to compete with.  The only thing that maybe lets the game down is that it has an Online Pass, players cannot play online without this.  It’s not an issue for players who buy new, but it is for those who buy used or rent the game.  It can be bought and it’s definitely worth it if you attend in playing in online a lot.  It can be ignored completely though if online isn’t your thing.

With all the DLC announced (most of which has been stated to be free), this game has a bright future ahead of it.  Compared to Tekken 6 that seemed like it was almost ignored in that area, this one refuses to disappoint and will give you reasons to come back to it every so often.

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