The Testament of Sherlock Holmes: Review
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes: Review Written by -
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: Frogwares / Spiders
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3 & PC
  • Release Date: 25th September 2012
  • Genre: Other, Action & Adventure
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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is the follow-up title to the hit Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper. This time around though you won’t be chasing a serial murderer who plagued White Chapel. This time around you follow Sherlock Holmes as he uses his wit and some rather devious techniques to extract the truth from various crimes. As you would expect you’re following a trail of crimes through the city of London, white Watson questions your every move.

This time around you will experience a far deep and darker Sherlock Holmes which come apparent fairly early on, and which leads Watson to write down everything in his notes which is then discovered by a group of children while they explore an attic.

The world of Sherlock Holmes is a very dark and full of mystery, but as you would expect, Sherlock is always 10 steps ahead of Scotland yard and heads out to solve crimes on his own without their assistance. Even though you’re playing in the world of Sherlock Holmes, the game’s story isn’t based on any of the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but they do an extremely good job in following the characters and the mystery behind the cases provided.


As you enter the world of Sherlock Holmes you will be presented with a group of children reading Watsons notes, this is a novel and interesting idea, but the voice acting at this point sets the tone for the following story. Some of the voice acting in the game is a little hit or miss. At times it either doesn’t fit, or the characters dialog will sound out-of-place. The acting is a rather mixed bag of sorts, but the leading cast have the most attention to detail. There are times where you may hear something that sounds out-of-place, but the audio and soundtrack of the world is very suiting.

The audio is extremely high quality, and well done. Apart from the few instances where the voice acting can spoil a scene, you will find that audio complainants the graphics and gameplay style perfectly.


Just to start out with another comparison, if you’ve played the previous installment in this game serious, you will notice a huge different in graphic fidelity between the two titles. This new installment is one of the most detailed point and click adventure games we’ve seen. Frogwares have done an amazing job in creating a believable and interesting world to explore.

Even thought the graphics and visuals won’t rival some of the bigger titles out there today, there’s a lot of detail in the world. You may come across the odd low resolution texture, or clips in frame rate and some odd screen tearing, but it’s nothing that will detract from the experience. There’s a lot to explore and look at in the world from all three prospective you use to control the characters, but walking into a room with sun rays, dust particles and savaged body to examine really gives a great atmosphere to the game.

As the game’s not the most demanding out there, almost anyone should be able to pick up and play this title, just make sure if you’re a PC player that you alter your settings for the best experience as with our tests, there are a few options which smooth out the game experience.


As you start out, you find yourself solving a rather basic crime, which then leads into various other crimes. You’re then following a string of clues until the end of the story. This time around though, rather than just solving the crimes of a murderer, you find that Sherlock Holmes isn’t quite as clean-cut as you might think. He starts to use techniques that are rather unorthodox which go against being a straight detective.

Once the game starts you’re introduced to a group of children who find Watsons notes in an attic. They start reading, which then leads you into the story of Holmes and takes you through the adventures. These scenes break the game up, and offer an outsiders look into the world of Sherlock Holmes, which is an interesting way to break up the various parts of the story.

Each character you interact with has a lot to say, as well as some interesting but choice dialog. Some characters are very believable, where as others come across as annoying or out of place. Even though the characters are quite varied, the writing behind them has a lot of thought to gives the characters life.


If you played the previous installment of Sherlock Holmes which follows Jack the Ripper through London, then you will know what to expect from this title. If you’re new however, this might be a totally fresh outlook for you with puzzle games. The usual layout would be to click your way around various areas finding clues, but with Sherlock Holmes you take control of either Sherlock or Watson in a third or first person prospective. This allows you to explore the world and get an up close and person with the characters. If you’re not into this configuration, then don’t fret, you can play the game as general point and click game. The games setup has been designed around appealing to everyone’s tastes so they can get the best experience out of the gameplay.

The overall gameplay consists of looking for clues, as well as solving puzzles once the clues are found. Each puzzle varies in difficulty and design, but they’re not overly complicated, you just need to take your time and work out how the puzzles come together.

The world of Sherlock Holmes is a rather dark and interesting world, which you get to explore at your own pace in an open world style gameplay. Even though its open world, you’re still restricted to areas and can only progress once you find the required clues.

As you progress, you may notice a pattern to the game, you hunt for clues, talk to several people, then have to solve a puzzle to progress. This is a pattern that follows through the whole game, but even though it sounds tedious, it offers different ways to find the clues you require and each puzzle is different. You also have to piece together your clues and information you gather using the deduction board. This board plays one of the most important rules in the game as it holds the answers to your progression.


Sherlock Holmes offers some interesting puzzles and story, but it’s not going to be for everyone. There’s a lot on offer, but don’t expect the game to throw everything at you at a lightning pace. This is a game for people who like to explore and take their time with puzzles while having snippets for story revealed to them as they progress.

The game offers a lot for players who want to experience the stories of Sherlock Holmes in a new ways, but it’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of downtime between cases where you need to play the deduction board, as well as try to find the correct answer to progress. Everything you do takes time, but the experience is quite different from a lot of other point and click adventure puzzle games. If you’re in a puzzling mood and want to explore the world of world of Sherlock Holmes and his puzzling cases, this is the title for you.

Without a doubt, if you’re a fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories, this is a must buy, if you love murder, mystery and puzzle, check this out. But if you’re looking for a fast paced action game, look elsewhere as this won’t for fill what you’re looking for.

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