Wreckateer: Review
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  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Developer: Iron Galaxy
  • Platform(s): Xbox 360
  • Release Date: July 25th 2012
  • Genre: Other, Action & Adventure, Kinect
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Iron Galaxy have been around for quite some time, but they’ve worked on helping other developers and publishers with various projects. This is Iron Galaxy’s first full blown title which is a physics based destruction game. You play as a Wreckateer, who is new to the destruction business and you have to impress your bosses. As you start to learn the ropes, there just happens to be a goblin invasion that you need to take care of.

You will find yourself playing through 60 levels of pure destruction and mayhem. Which involves reaching a high scores and removal of the goblins from the various castles you have to destroy. Anyone who loves the Angry Birds series, will feel right at home with this title. But instead you’re playing in a semi first person prospective and have far more control over what happens.

With the various items you have to use to destroy each castle, comes a new set of skills and techniques. Destruction has never been so easy, but mastering how to earn the gold medals and complete every level and stage will take time and practice.


The audio overall is well suited to the game, though it’s probably the leat enjoyable part of the experience. While exploring the menus or while playing in the game, the same music plays on an endless loop. This isn’t such a problem while playing the levels themselves, but the menu music can start to wear after a while.

All the sound production is of a very high standard, which a step in the right direction. All the sound effect and relatable audio does fit the game’s theme, but it would have been nice to not be subjected to the same looping tracks none stop.


Visually the game has a nice style. It has a simplistic and cartoony take on the world that has been created. All the visuals are crisp and there doesn’t appear to be any slow down, tearing or graphic issues that cause the game to stumble. As the games visuals perform well, there are no distractions from what your objective is, break stuff. The artistic style that’s been used suites the games overall world very well, but it make not appeal to everyone’s tastes.

The whole game is set around a medieval theme, so all the menus, maps and navigation are set within that theme structure. Everything is clear and easy to navigate an understand, even though the controls can be a little iffy on the menus.


This isn’t really a game where you would go looking for a story. But there is a hint of one which introduces you to the world and your purpose for smashing down castles with a ballista. As you start out you find that you’re not a pro just yet, and that you need to start off slow. You’re introduced to how to play, then shown what everything does.  As this is happening, you get world that goblins have taken over the kingdom and that your job is to remove them.

 Though the story is simple, it’s not really required and doesn’t really play a huge role in how you play the game. You will have some interactions with the characters in the game. Every so often they will give you advice, or tips as an extension to the starting tutorial which can be welcoming.


The gameplay is very simple, pull back on the ballista, and destroy as much as you can while taking out the various enemy placements on each level. There are several different types of ammunition to use, all with different outcomes, so you need to plan how to earn the highest score and how to tackle each level.

This does take some trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, you will find that the levels become a little easier. The level design it’s self is rather simple, destroy the castle and all the minions, but the general game mechanics work well. All the controls are fluid and work as intended once you get the Kinect setup just how it likes. Lighting can be an issue, so until you get that perfect, the game may seem a little un-responsive, but that’s a Kinect issue and not the game itself.

With the various attacks you have, each one has a different outcome. You have the wingshot which can fly, the speed shot which acts like a bullet, The split shot which allows you to hit large areas, and the standard shot which does small chunks of damage, and so on. Even though the gameplay mechanics work well, it can take some time to learn all the gestures and moves to navigate around the world and game menus. At times you may find yourself selecting various other options by mistake, which can be quite frustrating. But this could be resolves simply by allowing the user to use the controller to navigate. As this is primarily a Kinect title, the only support for the controller is to calibrate the sensor, but the addition of world menu controls would be much welcomed.

One thing that does make the game extremely easy to play is the drop in and drop out interactions. Unlike some Kinect titles, if you walk away from the TV or step outside the safe zone, the game will need to re-scan and calibrate who you are to let you continue. Wreckateer on the other hand seems to have a very streamline detection system, so even if you walk away and Kinect can’t see you, it only takes a few seconds to get back into the game.


Overall Wrechateer is one of the better Kinect titles that you can get your hands on. The gameplay is simple, but it does take some time to learn how to navigate the menus and how to get to grips with the game. The level design is straight forward with one objective, score as many points as you can.

There isn’t a whole lot to this title. But the replay value is quite high if you want to beat all the challenge levels and earn a gold medal on all 60 levels. This is more of a pick up and play title with a little time investment, but if you’re a fan of games like Angry Birds for instance, this will be right up your alley.

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