Kevin Mulleady Reveals How to be a Charismatic Leader

Charismatic authority stands in contrast to traditional authority. It is a type of leadership derived from the charisma of the leader, as Kevin Mulleady explains. It was developed by Max Weber and is a popular concept in organizational psychology. It involves the type of organization and the leader’s style of communication. This theory was first discussed in the 1920s by psychologists John McIntyre and Thomas Kuhn. It is often used in a leadership development context.

Charismatic Leader Theory

The best charismatic leaders have exceptional communication skills. They know how to communicate effectively both one-on-one and in large groups. They stay grounded and inspirational in great times and inspire followers in stressful situations. They can decipher others’ feelings. They are good at inspiring their followers and building a better life for themselves. This makes charismatic leaders extremely effective in a leadership role. However, they must learn to develop their communication … Read the rest